Sprout Sampler Seed Collection

Sprout Sampler Seed Collection

Assorted Genera and species

Item #4524

A collection of sprouting seeds for an exciting sample of fresh homegrown sprouts.


Sprouts Alfalfa Organic (30 Grams)
Sprouts Broccoli Organic (20 Grams)
Sprouts Fenugreek Organic (20 Grams)
Sprouts Mung Bean Organic (60 Grams)
Sprouts Radish China Rose Organic (30 Grams)
Sprouts Sandwich Mix Organic (50 Grams)

*Please note that substitutions may apply

To ensure you the safest possible sprouting seeds, a sample from each lot of sprouting seed we receive is sent to an independent laboratory where it is tested for foodborne pathogens. For maximum safety, disinfect the outside of your seeds prior to sprouting by briefly soaking in a dilute bleach solution (1 tsp. bleach to 1 cup hot tap water) for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly before sprouting.

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Sprouting Seed At Home Q&A

Q) Is it necessary to disinfect the seed?

A) Although disinfecting seed is not necessary for sprouting, we recommend disinfecting your seeds prior…