Seed Starting

Seed Starting Basics

Where to Start Seeds: Indoors or Out?

Seed Starting Basics


To take a small, dormant capsule of life and unlock its culinary and/or aesthetic potential is glorious indeed!

There are few gardening experiences as rewarding as gardening from seed. If you're a novice gardener and you're wondering whether you need to start your seeds indoors our out, a few well-thought-out considerations will help you choose the right time and place to sow your seeds. You can ask yourself a handful of questions about the seeds you want to start, such as:

How long does it take to produce or blossom?
Does it do better with a head start inside?
What time of year do I want to sow it?
Does it transplant well?

Once you've considered those questions, it's time to get organized.

Check out our handy seed starting guides.

These guides will give you all the timing information you need to make informed choices. Or, you can take a look at your Botanical Interests seed packet. Every one is loaded with practical information, including when and where to sow, to ensure a great gardening experience.

Once you've determined where and when to start your seeds, you can learn all the tips & tricks that will help ensure success, indoors or out!

Seed Starting Indoors

Seed Starting Outdoors

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