Fighting hunger under the Harvest Moon

donation for colorado floods

Here in Colorado we usually spend our summers looking skyward and hoping for those elusive drops of rain that might give us a break from our rigorous garden watering schedules. This year was no different, until the thing we wished for showed up all at once and in amounts no one could fathom. It quickly became obvious that the hardships to come would be heartbreaking.

Like so many other difficulties, this turn of events has made many of us grateful for what we have, even if it’s only the shirts on our backs. Those of us whose homes and gardens were left unscathed were presented with a great opportunity to give what we love, OUR GARDENS.

With the Harvest Moon on the horizon, and Hunger Action Month upon us, it became obvious that we, the employees of Botanical Interests, had an opportunity that we couldn’t resist. It was time to use the gardens we’ve nurtured all summer to feed the community we love. It was time for a Harvest Moon Drive!

Now, it might sound a little strange with the solemn atmosphere surrounding the flooding in Colorado, but we had fun! There is something about getting together with people you enjoy and putting your hearts into helping others that just puts a smile on your face…that, and Judy’s smokin’ hot retro truck!

Those of us with produce still in our gardens gathered up what we could and filled Judy’s truck with vegetables and herbs to help feed those in need. Our donations went to Community Food Share, a great local organization that feeds those in need all year.

The giving felt great, and in the process we learned a few things about donating fresh food. First, no donation is too small. In the words of Tom Reed, Food Procurement Manager at Community Food Share, “You may not feed everybody, but you’ll feed somebody.” I love this sentiment, especially because it means we can all make a difference. Second, Tom encouraged us consider the delivery of our provisions as part of the donation. Many hunger relief services operate on a shoestring budget and don’t have the means to pick up donations. Just getting the food to them can mean the difference between someone eating or not. Third, fresh is better than perfect. As long as what you give is whole and fresh, any small blemishes are immaterial and the donation is always appreciated.

I guess it shouldn’t be any surprise, but it is reassuring, that any one of us can help these organizations, like Community Food Share, that are meant to help us all. You don’t have to have a large garden full of perfect vegetables to make a difference in the lives of those facing hunger. Any one of us may find ourselves grateful for the support that gardeners give these organizations. It seems like now is the perfect time for all of us to help, no matter where we live. Let’s put the last few days of Hunger Action Month to good use. Go out to your garden and don’t let anything go to waste. Let’s all take a bundle of kale, those last tomatoes, a few potatoes, some fresh herbs and even some winter squash to our local food bank, shelter, disaster relief center, or anyone who helps feed those in need, and make a difference. There is someone in need everywhere and if we all do a little, we can accomplish a lot.

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