Hollyhock Dolls

Hollyhock dolls have been enchanting folks for generations. They make delightful table decorations and are fun for the whole family to make. This old-fashioned craft is easy, requiring only blooms from a hollyhock plant and some toothpicks! Here’s how to create a hollyhock doll.



Break off an open bloom including the green sepal, and invert it for the skirt. You can use multiple blooms for a layered effect.

Push a toothpick horizontally through the sepal to form arms.

For the face, push a toothpick vertically through the middle of a green (unripened) seed pod, with the seedpod in the middle of the toothpick; then attach to body by pushing it down through the middle of the sepal.

For the hair/hat, attach a small, barely opened bloom to the toothpick sticking up past the face.

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8 thoughts on “Hollyhock Dolls

  1. We made Hollyhock dolls in summer camp in McHenry County, IL in 1958. Take the completed doll and set her gently on top of the water in a pan of water. They will turn in circles; the main point of making the dolls was to watch them spin and dance for you!

  2. We played with hollyhocks as a child too. We caught bumblebees in them and let them go after shaking them up. I wish I had known about the dolls. But we all loved the hollyhocks.

  3. We use to play with the hollyhock dolls too in the late 1940’s. Their skirts were so beautiful. We also ate the seeds removed from the unripened seed pods. Guess it was okay. I’m 79!

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