Decorative Garlic

Few things are more beautiful in the kitchen than a hand-crafted, decorative garlic braid. It adds a wonderful aroma to your kitchen and keeps a very common staple within arm's reach. Our method can be used with both hard and soft neck garlic.

Before you begin, follow our instructions for harvesting and curing garlic.


  • Cured garlic bulbs with long necks (five or more)
  • Twine, heavy string or fabric for the braid


  1. We created a 2′ braid for 18 bulbs. Because our twine was thin (1/16″), we cut 24, 2½′ pieces and divided them into three groups, creating a thicker braid. If you are using a thicker material then you will only need 2′. Create a loop at one end for hanging, and a knot on the other end.
  2. Next, with a separate length of twine (about 6" each), tie a small slipknot around each garlic stem near the base. Add each bulb into the braid alternating between the right and left openings. Tie them in securely. Be sure to push the stem of the bulb all the way through to what will be the back of the braid.
  3. Continue adding new bulbs to the braid while alternating sides until full.
  4. Finally, decorate your braid with some flowers from your garden. We've chosen to decorate ours with Blue Boy Bachelor's Button.
  5. Hang in your kitchen and enjoy!
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