DIY Flower Crown

What's not to love about a delicate flower crown? Flower crowns can add a romantic feel to wedding ensembles, a natural look to outdoor photo shoots, or any day you feel like being fancy!



  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Assortment of flowers and greenery


  1. Start by measuring the floral wire to fit whoever's head you will be making the crown for, and then add a couple inches extra. Cut the wire.
  2. On one end of the wire, make a loop, wrapping an inch or so of wire several times around the length to secure. This is where the end of the flower crown will hook in.
  3. Wrap the floral tape around the entire length of wire, stretching as you go (this makes it sticky).
  4. Cut and prepare all your flowers. The stems need only be 1 or 2 inches long.
  5. Starting on the end of the crown with the loop, take a small piece of greenery and secure it to the crown with the floral wire. Continue down the length of the crown by securing pieces of greenery and flowers.
  6. As you get to the end of your flower crown, leave 1" to 1½" of the crown wire to use as a hook to secure to the loop on the opposite end of your crown.
  7. Secure the last few blooms and cut the floral wire you've been using to wrap the pieces to the crown.
  8. Hook the end through the loop and twist the end around the crown wire to secure in place.

This blog was written with the help of our florist friend, Brittany, at Moss and Oak in Denver, CO.

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