Sowing in Paper Pots

A few years ago I had the idea for our eco-friendly, recycled paper pots that make it easy to not only start our seed, but to also share the seedlings with friends, family, and neighbors!

As an organic gardener, it was important for me to find a "green" alternative to plastic or peat pots, so, I set out to create something better! Our paper pots are made from 100% recycled, food-grade paperboard and sustainably manufactured using low-water and low-energy methods.

The pots solve other gardener obstacles as well--they can be individually labeled with variety, date sown, and at transplanting, the perforated bottom tears away so I can plop the whole pot in the ground. Did I mention they are biodegradable? The whole pot will biodegrade into your garden, eliminating root disturbance at transplanting.

If you're like me, you typically start more seeds than you can actually fit into your garden. The paper pots also make it easier to share your seedlings, too. There is nothing like seeing the excitement of a gardener's face when given a little life to tend in spring! Because so many gardeners loved the 3″ paper pots, we added a 4″ and 1½" pots with a tray so gardeners have more options. More options equals more sharing!

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