What Makes a Seed Organic?

What Makes a Seed Organic?

What makes a seed "organic"?

Organic seeds are from plants grown by farmers following organic farm management practices, using federal organic standards for growing and processing which excludes the use of synthetic pesticides and genetically engineered/genetically modified or "GMO" technologies. Transitioning land to be certified organic typically takes 3 years, a good deal of paperwork, fees, and inspections before farmers can legally label what they grow as "organic". Organic famers incur more costs to be certified organic than non-organic, which is why organic products are often more expensive. Organic seeds are a good choice for consumers who want to support organic agricultural practices or invest in practices that are inline with their own organic lifestyle.

Can non-organic seeds be grown organically to produce an organic product?

Absolutely! The flowers, herbs, and vegetables you grow in your home garden are a product of what you put into them. If you garden using 100% organic methods, you will grow a 100% organic product.

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