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It may feel like in the heat of summer that the growing season is almost over, but not so! Some quicker maturing crops can be sown now for delicious fall harvests. The vegetables below can be harvested in 60 days or less, although as summer wains it is a good idea to add 2 weeks to maturity time to account for the cool nights and shorter days.

Want more reasons to start some crops now? Lots of cool-season or frost-tolerant crops like broccoli or cauliflower are easier to grow for fall harvest because in cool weather they mature with larger heads and without bolting early. Daikons and other winter radishes will only develop with shortening days rather than the lengthening days of spring. And finally, if you are having pest issues, like squash bugs on the summer squash, adding additional sowings, or succession sowings, under a row cover is a great way to keep that delicious summer squash growing!

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