Frequently Asked Questions

About Orders

You will receive a shipping confirmation email from us on the day your order ships. If you do not receive a confirmation within 3 business days of placing your order, contact customer service at 1-877-821-4340. While we are currently shipping orders the same day they are received, there may be shipping delays from USPS during this time. Our hard-working teams really appreciate your patience and understanding.
Our goal at this time is to process orders as quickly and accurately as possible; therefore, we cannot add or change orders after they are made.
If a variety is out of stock, it will read "Out of Stock" on the website. However, occasionally items do run out of stock quickly. If we run out of an item after you place your order, we will enclose an appropriate substitution or refund the cost of that item at our discretion.
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Due to national and international agricultural restrictions, we are only able to ship seeds within the United States. If you are placing an order online, your credit card billing address must also be in the U.S.
All orders are shipped via USPS and FedEx. FedEx expedited options are also available.
Yes, we offer volume discounts for orders of 100 packets or more. Please call customer service at 877-821-4340 to place large orders and have a volume discount applied. Orders of $200 or more ship for free.
Returns and refunds apply to garden tools and products only. Refunds or replacements are issued only after the item(s) are returned in their original packaging. If an incorrect item was sent to you, or if the item is damaged or defective, the item will be replaced at no additional cost. If the incorrect item or size was ordered, or you change your mind, a refund will be issued minus the original cost of shipping. Customer is responsible for shipping these returns to Botanical Interests. Items that have been visibly used will not be refunded or replaced.
Please contact customer service at 877-821-4340 or at customer.service@botanicalinterests.com.
On the Botanical Interests home page, click the "My Account" tab. This will bring you to the Member Account Login page where you can click the "forgot password" link. Follow the instructions provided to create a new password.

About Botanical Interests

Yes! Request your copy now.
Botanical Interests supports non-profit organizations in the United States that inspire and educate gardeners. Eligible organizations include school gardens, community gardens, food banks, homeless shelters, and other qualifying non-profits that promote gardening. Donated seeds must be intended for planting or a direct garden-related event in the United States. Due to a limited availability of seed, we are unable to donate seed for fundraisers or auctions. (If you are interested in fundraising for your organization, see Fundraising with Seeds). Contact donations@botanicalinterests.com for more information.
We continue to offer our support to schools, non-profits, and charitable organizations through our seed donation program (see above). We also operate an affiliate program, which allows organizations and website owners to earn commission on sales. If you've donated to organizations through an emailable "link", please be advised that we no longer operate that program. For more information please email us at fundraiser@botanicalinterests.com.
We do not currently have a storefront at our Broomfield address.
Please call our wholesale customer service department at 800-486-2647 to locate a retailer that carries Botanical Interests' products.

About Our Product

No. We have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and have had our seeds verified to be free of GMOs by a third party, The Non-GMO Verified Project.
We currently carry 238 organic, 349 heirloom, and 29 native varieties.
Botanical Interests considers open-pollinated varieties over 50 years old to be heirloom.
No. Our seeds are not treated with neonicotinoids or other pesticides, or anything else.
Botanical Interests guarantees satisfaction on all of our seeds through the date printed on the back of each packet. Germination rates may vary for seeds past this date. If using past-date seeds, we recommend sowing at twice the suggested rate.
Store opened or unopened seed packets in a cool, dry, and dark place until your next sowing.
Botanical Interests does not sell seeds in bulk. Seed packet weights or counts are provided on each product page, and we do not sell in smaller or larger increments.

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