Adzuki Bean Sprouts Seeds


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Adzuki beans have been an important part of Eastern Asian cuisine for thousands of years. Today, they are enjoyed worldwide for their versatility and robust nutrient profile, and are so popular they are even used in desserts in China and Japan. Easier to digest than cooked legumes, sprouts also contain more enzymes and less starch. This bean takes a little extra rinsing compared to other sprouting seeds to keep moist.
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Botanical Name: Vigna angularis

Days to Maturity: 4–6 days

Family: Fabaceae

Native: Exact origin unknown

Harvesting: Enjoy adzuki sprouts with or without an emerging root, about 4 to 6 days after starting. Rinse the sprouts once more and drain thoroughly so they are dry to the touch. (Excessive moisture reduces sprouts' storage life.) Your sprouts are then ready to eat or store.

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