Buttergold Sweet Corn Seeds

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You can enjoy flavorful, tender, sweet corn sooner than ever before! With superior cool soil emergence, 'Buttergold' performs well in northern climates, but also does well anywhere that other corn varieties are grown. The large, 7"–8" ears have 12–14 rows of juicy, yellow kernels. Excellent for freezing.

Botanical Name: Zea mays (hybrid)

Days to Maturity: 63 days

Family: Poaceae

Native: Americas

Hardiness: Frost-sensitive annual

Plant Dimensions: 5'–6' tall

Variety Information: 7"–8" ears with 12–14 rows of tightly packed yellow kernels.

Type: Sugary enhanced (se) (Learn More)

Attributes: Cool-Weather Tolerant

When to Sow Outside: RECOMMENDED. 1 to 2 weeks after your average last frost date, and when soil temperature is at least 60°F; ideally 65°–90°F.

When to Start Inside: Not recommended; roots sensitive to transplanting. Best results occur when seedlings are transplanted less than 2 weeks old.

Days to Emerge: 5–10 days

Seed Depth: 1"–1 ½"

Seed Spacing: A group of 2 seeds every 12"

Row Spacing: 24"–36"

Thinning: When 4" tall, thin to 1 every 12"

Harvesting: Corn is ready about 3 weeks after the silks appear. Harvest when the silks are brown, but not dried, and the husks are dark green; ears should be plump, and rounded rather than pointed at the tip. To test for ripeness, gently pull back the husk and pop a kernel; the liquid should be whitish; if it is still clear, ears are not quite ready.

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Buttergold Sweet Corn Seeds Reviews

2 reviews

Buttergold sweet corn

1 out of 5 stars Jul 5, 2020
I have had excellent results with almost all seeds from Botanical Interests so I will continue to support this great company. Unexpected things happen each gardening year! I garden in Montana. My seeds did not germinate in the field, literally 3 plants from 6 packs. I then tried to germinate them in the greenhouse in cell packs and got about 70% germination. The plants themselves are not robust. I have been gardening for 40 years and this is only my second corn fail :( It could be a fluke this year but I will hedge my bets next year and try something else.
Owner Response: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Our seeds are frequently tested to ensure germination rates exceed federal and our own standards and we are always here to help. A customer service agent will contact you shortly for tracking information and to send a replacement.

First year trying, low germination

2 out of 5 stars May 24, 2021
Last year I had great success with Botanical Interests' Argent and wanted to try Buttergold for an earlier harvest. Unfortunately, germination in plugs in the greenhouse and directly sown out in the field was at about 60%. Slow growth rate so far. Disappointed. Would not plant again
Alexandra from OR

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