Cape Marigold African Daisy Seeds

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These sunny flowers in tones of orange, yellow, white, and salmon open their petals when hit by the sun to reveal a dark center ringed with purple that is very attractive to bees and butterflies. African Marigold petals are edible with a slightly bitter, citrusy/spice flavor. They make a pretty garnish on rice, salads, or desserts. The prolific display starts in the mild temperatures of spring in any climate and often continues to frost. In frost-free climates, sow in fall and enjoy their sunny presence from winter through spring. Flowers best during mild temperatures; a great choice for the spring garden. May reseed.
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Botanical Name: Dimorphotheca sinuata

Family: Asteraceae

Native: South Africa

Hardiness: Annual

Plant Dimensions: 8-16" tall and wide

Exposure: Full sun

Bloom Period: Flowers abundantly during mild temperatures; high temperatures may cause a reduction in bloom. Plants will flush with blooms again when temperatures drop in late summer and continue until hard frost. In mild climates, late summer or fall sowing will provide late fall through spring blooms.

Attributes: Fairly Drought Tolerant, Good for Containers

When to Sow Outside: 1 to 2 weeks before your average last frost date. In Mild Climates, sow late summer to fall for blooms in winter and spring.

When to Start Inside: 6 to 8 weeks before your average last frost date.

Days to Emerge: 10–15 days

Seed Depth: ⅛"

Seed Spacing: A group of 3 seeds every 8"

Thinning: When 1"–2" tall, thin to 1 every 8"

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Cape Marigold African Daisy Seeds Reviews

5 reviews


1 out of 5 stars Aug 31, 2019
This was a difficult plant to grow. Had a trailing effect unlike any other marigold. Would not buy again, so many better options here
Julie Puhr from IL
Owner Response: We are sorry you didn't enjoy the African Daisies. The name common name cape marigold can be misleading, as these plants are not closely related to common marigolds and will not grow, behave, or look like traditional American marigolds.

Beautiful Flowers!

5 out of 5 stars Jun 17, 2020
These African Daisies are just absolutely beautiful. I can't even begin to describe the colors, they are so vibrant that they almost don't look real. They were some of the first to bloom in my flower garden and were very easy to grow. I am planning on growing even more of these next year!
Wendy Kresha from MN

Review for Cape Marigold African Daisy Seeds

5 out of 5 stars Jan 16, 2021
Started seeds in greenhouse environment and then transferred to outside in March direct to garden in Houston, TX. Seeds did emerge and plants are growing and making flowers. Grew up to 5 feet Will re-order!!!
Brett Babbitt from TX

Marigold Daisies

4 out of 5 stars May 30, 2022
Mine are just beginning to bloom. I had no idea the flowers were so delicate. This is my first time planting these daisies. They seem to like the sunny areas most. Here our soil is more sandy than I'd like, but the daisies are doing fine.
Ann from FL

Fun flowers, not much color variety

4 out of 5 stars Feb 6, 2023
These flowers are very fun - I've grown them the last few years (all from the same packet) and am always impressed by the number of blooms on each plant. That said, I was a bit disappointed that my packet must not have included many (if any) seeds for pink or white flowers. All of the flowers I've grown so far are either orange or yellow (80% orange).
Alex from NH

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