Endless Harvests: Inspiration for All Those Veggies

It happens every year. Each spring I am so excited to garden that I grow more than my family could ever eat. I realize this is a bonus, so I try to make the absolute most out of every single vegetable I harvest. If you are also fortunate enough to have too many veggies, try these preparing and sharing ideas.

endless harvest basket
  1. Freezing. Greens (kale, spinach, collards), onions, peppers, tomatoes, and winter squash can be frozen without blanching (boiled quickly and then cooled in ice water to preserve nutrients and color). Vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, and beans maintain a better quality when blanched before freezing.

  2. Batch meals. Cook up a big batch of tomato sauce, eggplant cutlets, or even a whole casserole and freeze the extra portions in well-marked, freezer-safe containers.

  3. Canning. Preserve the bounty by canning. Be sure to follow a tested recipe to avoid any chance of food-borne illness.

  4. Meet your neighbors. You'll not only make new friends (or delight the old ones), but you may even turn some into gardeners! The more gardens in a neighborhood, the higher everyone's sense of pride, too. So bring over that extra zucchini, flower bouquet, or basil.

  5. Donate. Do you know that food banks around our nation find it difficult to consistently provide fresh vegetables to their communities? Find your local food bank and share the harvest.

Share your creative uses for extra garden goodies in the comments!

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Endless Harvests: Inspiration for All Those Veggies Comments


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5 out of 5 stars Oct 2, 2020
I have shared seeds with our students, both in school and now in "virtual school". They loved getting them before, but since COVID shut down our classroom, they are ECSTATIC to have something positive to do! Their excitement in showing their little seedlings growing is heart-warming! We will be having a socially distanced garden work day in a few weeks. Families will be planting over 30 separate beds at Pin Oak Middle School--Thank you for the high quality and lovely seed packages in the past! We look forward to our future!!
Angela Roth from TX
Owner Response: This really warms our hearts. Thank you for sharing the love of gardening!

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5 out of 5 stars Nov 28, 2022
Great ideas that you gave! I have done all of them plus using drying for many veggies and fruits. This eliminates the power needed to store them and reduces the space, too.
William from OR

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