Golden Marconi Sweet Pepper Seeds


This packet sows approximately 24 plants when started inside.
4 out of 5 stars
(12 reviews)
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This classic Italian pepper is particularly superb roasted. The 6"-10" long, 3" wide peppers start out green and ripen to yellow, becoming very sweet. Extremely flavorful raw, considered by some to be superior to bell peppers. Resistant to potato virus.
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Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum

Days to Maturity: 80–90 Days from transplanting

Family: Solanaceae

Native: Americas

Hardiness: Frost-sensitive perennial grown as an annual

Plant Dimensions: 24"–36" tall, 18"–24" wide

Variety Information: Up to 10" long, 3" wide peppers start out green and mature to golden yellow.

Attributes: Disease Resistant, Good for Containers

When to Sow Outside: For Mild Climates only: 2 to 4 weeks after average last frost, when soil temperature is at least 70°F.

When to Start Inside: RECOMMENDED. 8 to 10 weeks before transplanting. Ideal soil temperature for germination is 70°–90°F. Transplant seedlings outside 2 to 4 weeks after your average last frost date, and when daytime temperatures are at least 70°F, and nighttime temperatures are at least 55°F. Mild Climates: May be sown in late summer for fall/winter crop.

Days to Emerge: 10–25 Days

Seed Depth: ¼"

Seed Spacing: Start indoors

Row Spacing: 24"–36"

Thinning: Start indoors, plant seedlings 18"–24" apart outside

Harvesting: Peppers can be harvested green, or left on the plant to turn yellow and become sweeter.

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Golden Marconi Sweet Pepper Seeds Reviews

12 reviews

Spring 2019 - Love/Hate in Houston

3 out of 5 stars Jul 5, 2019
Started these indoors with 100% germination rate and transplanted outside in early March. These plants grew very large (one was 4 ft tall) and produced a lot of peppers. The problems start when the peppers change colour from green to yellow. Once the peppers were about halfway yellow, they developed brown spots and basically rotted on the plant. I managed to harvest a few peppers and these were fantastic, having great flavor. I'm not sure what went wrong with the peppers. It could be that they don't like the hot/humid weather in Houston, there could have been a pest that I couldn't see/wasn't aware of or maybe it was a nutrient deficiency (I doubt this last one as I babied these guys from start to finish). I would definitely recommend these as the problem I experienced may have been with my gardening technique and not the peppers. They were also some of the best tasting peppers I've ever eaten.
Dave C from TX

Marconi Sweet Peppers are as good as gold.

5 out of 5 stars Aug 21, 2019
These peppers have been an excellent addition to our summer salads and pizza. They are mild with just enough pepper flavor to enhance every dish we have tried them in.
Frieda Bruck from MN

Amazing pepper variety

5 out of 5 stars Nov 11, 2019
This was my first year growing non-bell types of sweet peppers, and I decided to try this variety. Grew two seedlings indoors, transplanted in March, and have been getting harvests of delicious peppers since July. It's November here in zone 10a, and I'm still picking peppers off my two plants. Both plants have grown tall and bushy, and I'm planning on overwintering them. My only complaints are the fruit will start to wrinkle half way through the ripening process, but that is due to damage from sun scold, and that birds will occasionally eat some if you leave a ripe pepper on the plant too long.
Andy from CA

Zero survival

1 out of 5 stars Jul 27, 2020
Of the few that germinated, none grew over an inch without dying.
Christopher Mollo from NY
Owner Response: Hi Christopher, It sounds like you may have experienced damping off. Once germinated, seeds are really dependant on good growing conditions of their environment to get all they need while photosynthesizing. We are sorry you experienced poor germination of these seeds. All of our seeds are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure the germinate rate exceeds federal and our own standards. A customer service agent will be with you shortly to help.

Wonderful & Plentiful

5 out of 5 stars Aug 11, 2020
These are great peppers. They germinated well and the plants are very vigorous. The peppers turn a golden color just like their name and they have a nice flavor. These will be in our garden every year.
Doreen from OH

Seed Order

1 out of 5 stars Sep 27, 2020
I ordered these seeds before you shut down but then you substituted another product which I didn't want. I didn't find the substitution acceptable. I would have rather have not received something I didn't want.
Karl Eser from MD
Owner Response: We have since adjusted our policy to refund when substitutions are not comparable (i.e. organic vs conventional). We are sorry you were not satisfied with this substitution. A customer service agent will be contacting you to help.

Pretty pepper

4 out of 5 stars Dec 18, 2020
My experience with peppers has been mixed. The Golden Marconi took a while to germinate and then a long time to grow large enough to start producing fruit. But the peppers are large and lovely. They stay green for ages but when they start to change color, it goes quickly and then they are a glorious golden yellow. The peppers are sweet and crisp. I'll definitely grow them again...but I'll start my seeds indoors and keep the seedlings under grow lights until they are ready to move outside.
Noelle Parris from SC
Owner Response: Hi Noelle, Thank you for sharing you experience. You made some excellent points in your review. Peppers, more than any other crop we carry need very warm soil to germinate. Since soil temperatures lag in spring, it's difficult to accomplish good pepper germination outdoors. Soil temperature requirements and the time it takes for peppers to mature are why we recommend starting them indoors and using a germination heating mat if you have one. Happy gardening!

Tasty Peppers

4 out of 5 stars Jan 5, 2021
Zone 5b (Colorado Front Range) I started the peppers in a greenhouse with a warming mat in late Feb and transplanted in late May. Some peppers browned before fully ripening, but these plants continued to produce until an early September snow, so I was happy with the overall yield. I dug up the plants before the frost and put them back in the greenhouse so that the peppers on them could ripen. This worked well. These peppers are very tasty and half of my peppers became snacks when I was working in the garden!
Lauren from CO

Great size, flavor & plentiful

5 out of 5 stars Jan 18, 2021
I grew Golden Marconi for the first time in 2020. The seeds germinated well, the plants were strong, vigorous and had high yields. They were about 7 - 8 inches long, meatier than a banana pepper but a little less meatier than a bell. They have a nice sweet flavor. I dehydrated some, cut up/froze, froze gutted for stuffing, stir-fry, roasted & ate them fresh. We're definitely growing these every year. So far, we've had great results with all Botanical Interests' pepper seeds.
Doreen from OH

Great variety

5 out of 5 stars Feb 27, 2021
These peppers grew really well and tasted oh so good! They were crisp and sweet. Great for making stuffed peppers.
Meghan from NY

Golden Marconi sweet pepper

5 out of 5 stars Oct 24, 2021
A yellow sweet pepper that's both large and delicious. This will be my only yellow pepper. My only red pepper is Jimmy Nardello.
Earl from IL

Marconi's are a favorite

5 out of 5 stars Jan 16, 2022
One of my favorite pepper varieties.
Pagardener from PA

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