Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Pulley

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Now you can water and care for those hard-to-reach hanging baskets with ease. The carabiner on top attaches to the basket bracket above, and your basket hook slips into the lower carabiner. To lower the basket, you place your hands under the basket and ease it upwards quickly to release the locking device, then lower quickly to desired height, slowing down to engage the locking device. Now easily do your deadheading and watering. Return basket to original position by raising it with your hands.


  • Tend to hanging baskets from a safe, convenient height; extends 32"
  • Suitable for 10" - 14" baskets; maximum weight: 19 ¾ pounds
  • 5 ½" x 3"

This quality tool comes with a limited lifetime guarantee from Darlac of England.

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Hi-Lo Hanging Basket Pulley Reviews

1 review

Darlac pulley

1 out of 5 stars Feb 2, 2022
Does not help w/normal size pot. Pot was too heavy, never retracted. Once u add water to the pot... really? It's quite a large pulley. So for a pot to work with it especially after adding water... would half to be a really small pot. Kinda dissapointed but maybe I'll find a pot to work with them (2) this summer
Mary from OK