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Bee balm, also known as monarda, is covered with unique, lavender-pink flower clusters that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees to the garden. Use the edible petals to replace oregano in savory dishes, steep into tea, bake into breads, add to a fruit salad, or float in punch. We chose this variety because it is more tolerant to dry soil conditions than other varieties of bee balm. Plants bloom quickly for a splash of summer and fall color. The lovely petals are edible with a lemon-mint-oregano flavor. Pretty in a mixed bouquet of cut flowers and in wildflower gardens. 'Lambada' is considered a tender perennial, although it does not reliably overwinter; best grown as an annual.
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Botanical Name: Monarda sp.

Family: Lamiaceae

Native: Unknown

Hardiness: Annual

Plant Dimensions: 24"–36", 8"–12" wide; wider if perennial in following years.

Variety Information: Lavender flowers in 2"–2 ½" whorls; individual flowers up to 1"

Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Bloom Period: Summer

Attributes: Attracts Pollinators, Cut Flower, Deer Resistant

When to Sow Outside: 2 to 4 weeks before your average last frost date.

When to Start Inside: RECOMMENDED. 8 to 10 weeks before your average last frost date.

Days to Emerge: 14–21 days

Seed Depth: Surface to 1/16"

Seed Spacing: A group of 5 seeds every 12"

Thinning: When 1" tall, thin to 1 every 12"

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Lambada Bee Balm Seeds Reviews

8 reviews

What a fun flower!!

5 out of 5 stars Jul 25, 2018
Totally unexpected, this flower grows on a tall sturdy green stem with lots of leaves - after you find the first flower, another flower grows straight up and out of the first, and then the second, and then the third! The bees love it - it's so cute - I cut them and added to my wild/wonderful bouquets.
Kristin Thompson from NM

Love these!

5 out of 5 stars Jul 16, 2019
So happy to have these seeds in my collection! Quick movers and love their unique flowers!
Triniti from CA


5 out of 5 stars Jun 10, 2020
In zone 8b, they bloomed last year, stayed evergreen all winter and started blooming again in early spring. As summer approaches they are still going strong!
Wendy B from SC

Fantastic Grower

5 out of 5 stars Jul 13, 2020
This plant has exceeded my expectations. I started this indoors as per the packet and transplanted outdoors in May. The seeds germinated well, and within just this 1st growing season it is already at least 1-2 ft tall with a bunch of blooms. It has done very well in spreading and taking up space in my new xeric front yard. Wish I could share photos.
Erika H. from CO

My Honeybees LOVED Them!

5 out of 5 stars Jan 13, 2021
Zone 7a. I started these indoors under growlights in February and transplanted them to the garden in mid-April. My honeybees devoured them and they just kept blooming! I grew some of them beside summer squash to attract pollinators and it did the trick. They dry upside down well for teas and salves.
Alice L Gambino from MD

Beautiful, prolific.

5 out of 5 stars Feb 28, 2021
Stunning, prolific annual. I had one plant out of 9 that overwintered and came back, but the company says not to expect any. I'm in Colorado, so probably too cold to be reliably perennial. Seedlings I set out (mid may) were snowed on several times but showed no signs of being stunted. 5/5
Stephen from CO

favorite flowers

5 out of 5 stars Sep 4, 2021
these bee balm are truly fabulous. the seeds were easy to start, the flowers grew vigorously and they are absolutely one of my favorites. they are long lasting, i have had blooms all season. i planted them around one of my fruit tees to attract pollinators. will grow them again in more places.
maggie from OR


5 out of 5 stars Oct 5, 2021
The plants that I started from seed in the spring are blooming now and are so beautiful!!
Inge from CO

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