Lemon Calendula Gardener's Scrubbing Soap

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Made with natural and organic ingredients, the oat flour gently scrubs off garden dirt while the natural oils sooth and soften skin. The fresh floral scent with notes of sweet lemon will invigorate you!

INGREDIENTS: Saponified organic sunflower oil, organic palm fruit oil, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea nut butter, organic flax seed oil, organic oat flour, organic cut oats, dried calendula flower petals, organic lemongrass fragrance oil.

GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN. Neither the ingredients nor the soaps have been tested on animals.

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Lemon Calendula Gardener's Scrubbing Soap Reviews

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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 30, 2019
This soap has a nice aroma, and I like the "idea" of the "scrubbing" addition to a gardener's soap. The "scrubbing particles" -- whatever they are -- are VERY HARSH, and they HURT MY SKIN!!! I have three bars of this soap, still in their wrappers. Can I return them; or what do you recommend I duo with them?
wilma schroeder
Owner Response: Hi Wilma, Thank you for sharing our experience. We are sorry you found the flower petals and oats to be too scrubby in this soap. A customer service agent has reached out to you to help.

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