Season Starter™ Plant Protectors (walls of water)

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Get plants in the ground up to six weeks earlier!

These innovative plant protectors by Dalen Products give your plants a head start on the growing season by protecting them from early season frost, featuring a series of water-filled chambers that slowly freeze, insulating plants from the cold. Each protector has 18 individual cells that hold almost 3 gallons of water to protect plants in temperatures as low as 26°F and shelter them from the wind. Ideal for tomatoes, peppers, early-season cucumbers, melons and other vining plants.

18"H x 17"diameter

Pack of three.

Made in the USA

$19.99 526 grams
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Season Starter™ Plant Protectors (walls of water) Reviews

1 review

Wall of water

5 out of 5 stars Nov 7, 2021
I liked how these worked for my tomatoes. I start my tomatoes by seed. I am in SE PA zone 6b. Cool, wet spring weather is tough on my starters so this little contraption is needed. I found I needed to keep an eye on the afternoon weather and open the top to get good airflow if temperatures rise a great deal. I will be using them again in spring 2022.
Michelle from PA

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