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A Dutch heirloom grown in the area of Utrecht, Netherlands in the early 1900s with superior blue color and long black awns (bristles). Beautiful seed heads gracefully bow when they are ready for harvest. Its durability, long stems, and beautiful color are a weaver's dream. So many uses from flower arrangements, to baskets, and all kinds of crafts. The degree of blue coloring varies with growing conditions. This is an edible wheat, but it is difficult to thresh the wheatberries; best grown for ornamental purposes.

$2.69 5 grams (~100 seeds)

Botanical Name: Triticum sp.

Family: Poaceae

Native: Origin unknown due to being in cultivation so long

Hardiness: Annual

Plant Dimensions: 3'–5' tall, and 4"–6" wide

Variety Information: 3", steel blue seed heads with long black awns at maturity

Exposure: Full sun

Bloom Period: Blooms summer to frost

Attributes: Cut Flower

When to Sow Outside: 2 to 4 weeks after your average last frost date.

When to Start Inside: Not recommended.

Days to Emerge: 5–12 days

Seed Depth: ¼"

Seed Spacing: 1–2 seeds every 2"

Thinning: Not necessary

Harvesting: When seed heads are steel blue, hard, and bowing, harvest by cutting stems at ground level. Hang bunches upside-down in a dry area, out of direct sun for a few days or until ready to use.

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Utrecht Blue Wheat Seeds Reviews

22 reviews

Utrecht Blue Wheat

5 out of 5 stars Jul 26, 2018
I grew this for the very first time. I am very pleased with it. It has beautiful color that will look great in Fall decorations. I just cut the stalks today to let dry further in a dry place. I will grow again next year
Susan Eckard from WV

Didn't sprout

1 out of 5 stars Dec 28, 2018
Nothing came up.
Hailey Hipschen from IA
Owner Response: Hi Hailey, Thank you for letting us know about your experience. We are sorry it wasn't positive. Our seeds are tested regularly by an independent laboratory regularly to ensure the germination rates exceed government standards. We do guarantee our seeds and will be contacting you shortly.

Never saw any blue

3 out of 5 stars Jan 16, 2019
This grew fairly well for me (until the summer rain came), and I'm not sure if it never got blue because I picked it too early, but it never looked blue to me. I did make a nice little bundle of it and dried it out for a decoration. It looks good. Not blue though.
Heather Brook from NH
Owner Response: Hi Heather, thanks for the feedback. As an unrefined heirloom, the blueness does vary a bit, but it shows best if plants are completely dry. Some signs that plants are dry is to look for seed heads to be nodding and snap the lower part of the stem. It sounds like your weather may have played a part in preventing them from drying too.

Never turned blue

3 out of 5 stars Mar 18, 2019
I had this wheat growing in full sun and it was very pretty, but it never turned blue. I left it growing all fall and it dried well and had the drooping heads, but there was no sign of a blue color. I'm wondering if I added some acidity, similar to using an acid fertilizer to turn hydrangeas blue, if that would have helped. I'd like to try growing it again if I could figure out how to get some color.
Bonnie Davis from MN
Owner Response: Hi Bonnie, thanks for the feedback. We have seen some variability in the color on this unrefined heirloom. I so sorry you didn't see the beautiful steely blue others have. These types of grains are rarely grown and we haven't found any research indicating a soil condition what would encourage more blue color. I will contact our grower though and update you if she has any tips.

Blue Wheat

5 out of 5 stars Jun 13, 2019
Received seeds as gift. Grew in a gorgeous orange tall outdoor pot. Full of lovely wheat that totally turned spectacular blue!!!
Sam from UT

Just Beautiful

5 out of 5 stars Aug 15, 2019
Just clipped a few of these beautiful blue wheat stalks for a centerpiece. They dry nicely and the color is so unusual. The wheat grass grows about 4 feet and sways beautifully in the breeze. They are mesmerizing and everyone comments on them. A real winner in your flower garden.
Jean Dempsey from NY

Don't Wait Too Long To Harvest

4 out of 5 stars Sep 5, 2019
The problem with a small gardener waiting too long for wheat seeds to dry on the plant is that they eventually fall off. This has happened to me. Harvest them and let them dry indoors on paper towels or newspaper & shift them around every couple of days at first.
Robin from PA

Utrecht Blue wheat

4 out of 5 stars Sep 20, 2019
I'm growing it in a maroon ceramic container and it's so graceful. No sign of blue coloring yet but even so, it's lovely. Question: is this a hybrid or will it come true if I plant some of this year's seeds next year?
Roxanne from MA
Owner Response: Roxanne, This wheat is an open-pollinated heirloom and not a hybrid, so you can safely save the seed. Happy growing!

Blue Wheat in the Kitchen

5 out of 5 stars Jun 29, 2020
I know this says it's primarily used for crafts because it's difficult to thresh this variety. But has anyone successfully processed it and eaten it? Even using the wheat berries whole in a soup, salad or pie?
Kimmie from CA

Beautiful! Exactly like the photos!

5 out of 5 stars Aug 11, 2020
I just harvested my first bundle of blue wheat and it turned out better than expected. The color was a beautiful blue and they dried marvelously. No problems sprouting and I was pleased with their progress all summer long.
Paisha Coffey from WA

Very decorative!

5 out of 5 stars Sep 7, 2020
I will definitely plant these again. Very good germination. The seed heads have a very slight blue hue to them, but the main reason I will grow this variety again is the very long dark awns.
Peter from MN

Review for Utrecht Blue Wheat Seeds

3 out of 5 stars Jan 16, 2021
Some success in Houston, TX. Started seeds in 4" pots and emerged good in a few weeks in October. Transferred to outside garden and is growing slowing. Will not re-order...
Brett Babbitt from TX
Owner Response: Hi Brett, We expect plants to barely grow in the short days of fall and winter. As daylight wanes below 10 hours a day plants virtually cease visible growth. Happy gardening!

Grow them!

5 out of 5 stars Aug 7, 2021
Bought them on a whim in the Spring to try to create a visual boundary on my deck. So glad I did, they are literally one of my new favorite plants. Before the heads appear the grass feels like you're running your fingers through someone's long hair. The wheat does turn a steel blue, like the packet says. Doubt I'll use as an ornamental, just loved seeing the visual interest.
Clark from OH

Utrecht Blue Wheat

5 out of 5 stars Aug 19, 2021
Love this plant, This is my second year growing, did much better this year. I planted in better soil and more sunlight
Cathy from MA

Color disappointing

3 out of 5 stars Sep 17, 2021
My interest in Utrecht Blue Wheat was purely for decorative purposes. Germination rate was good, but color is disappointing. Instead of a bright blue, as the packet claims, my kernels are more dull grey than blue. Will try again next year in a different location. I did notice that the inside of the packet mentioned "steel blue" seed heads with long black awns at maturity.
Kathie from MI
Owner Response: Hi Kathie, Yes, steel-blue with black awns (whiskers) is what you can expect from this heirloom. Bright blue is fairly rare in nature and few flowers display a true, bright blue. We hope you enjoy this novel, ornamental wheat.


5 out of 5 stars Oct 23, 2021
These really are a lovely dusty blue with black whiskers. It is definitely best to harvest before they get sun bleached in my opinion.
Amy from UT

Good growth, but not blue

3 out of 5 stars Nov 10, 2021
I was so excited about this wheat, and I did get germination and growth. However, it did not ever appear blue, so I was disappointed. I still have a nice bunch of dried wheat for winter bouquets, but it's not at all blue.
Sue from ME

Waste of money

1 out of 5 stars Jan 1, 2022
Horrible germination rates.. Planted in fertile soil in established garden and two sprouted! Never produced any grain either!
nicholas from NC
Owner Response: Hi Nicolas, It seems you had issues getting great germination with several varieties of seeds. A customer service agent will be contacting you via email to help. Rest assured, our seeds are tested frequently to ensure germination rates meet both federal and our own standards.

Utrecht blue Wheat

5 out of 5 stars Aug 7, 2022
Turned of fabulous thanks
Leanne from MT

Pretty wheat

5 out of 5 stars Aug 29, 2022
I grew this in the same space as a Palouse wheat and you can easily tell the difference because of the blue color on this wheat. I haven't tried to thresh it yet like I did the Palouse wheat but seemingly won't have any problems
Cam from ID

Blue wheat

5 out of 5 stars Oct 5, 2022
Zone 6, elevation 8500'. Beginner gardener. I found these seeds at Natural Grocer. I planted them in a full sun garden with really pretty poor , but well draining soil. They grew! The seed heads in October now are a very dark navy/purplish color. Fun to plant, will cut these for decorative arrangement with my colorful corn.
Cathy from CO

Easy to grow

5 out of 5 stars Feb 21, 2023
These were super easy to germinate and required almost zero care. Loved them in garden for visual interest. And, harvested for indoor decorations. Definitely will grow again. Would look lovely in pots for fall (outdoor) decorations as well. I started them in trays and then transplanted into garden. Quick germination.
Tonia from NY

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