Bouquet Basics

Who doesn't love a big bunch of beautiful blooms? Cut-flower bouquets can be as varied as an artist's style, and, isn't there a bit of artist in every gardener? bouquetbasics As in every creation, think about the mood you want to evoke from the arrangement, like romance or boldness. Think about which color, texture, and structure will create that feeling just by gazing at your artistic endeavor.

  1. If you want tall, slender flowers or greenery, start with these in odd numbers. Florists refer to them as "line" flowers because they create the structure of the arrangement. Not all arrangements require line flowers.
  2. The focal flower is typically the largest or unique and most eye-catching, also best in odd numbers.
  3. Add accent flowers, also called "mass" flowers, around the bouquet to balance the space. This is where the magic happens! Mass flowers are often smaller but can be the same size as the form flowers in, depending on your theme, contrasting, complementary, or the same color as your focal flowers.
  4. To finish the look, add some fillers, sprays of small flowers or greenery, to fill the spaces between the mass and form flowers.
  5. Be creative—beauty is in the eye of the bouquet holder!

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