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Botanical Interests offers a variety of new vegetable seeds - all untreated & non-GMO. Browse our selection, including organic & heirloom options below.

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Arugula Rocket Salad HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

45 days. The flavor of arugula will add spice to any salad; or indulge in a salad of only arugula. Delicious!

Item #4204

New! $ 4.49

Arugula Wild Dragon's Tongue Seeds

50 days. Perk up salads and sandwiches with the beautiful color and bold, spicy flavor of this spectacular arugula.

Item #0274

New! $ 2.39

Basil Italian Genovese HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

Widely grown in Genoa area of Italy, the pesto capital of the world. Strong flavor and aroma, the best pesto!

Item #4301

New! $ 4.49

Bean Southern Cowpea Mississippi Silver Seeds

62-90 days. A delicious variety with high yield, early harvest, and excellent disease resistance.

Item #0264

New! $ 1.99

Beet Ruby Queen HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

55 days for root. Tender, buttery-sweet, nutritious root vegetable. For eating fresh, canning or pickling.

Item #4205

New! $ 4.49

Cabbage Chinese One Kilo Slow Bolt Seeds

50-55 days. Quick and easy to grow with a mild, sweet flavor compared to Western head cabbage.

Item #0276

New! $ 2.39

Cabbage Savoy Aubervilliers HEIRLOOM Seeds

120 days. This gorgeous, old French variety has amazingly textured, flavorful leaves.

Item #0275

New! $ 1.69

Carrot Atomic Red Seeds

70-75 days. Growing carrots is a blast with this nutritious, high lycopene variety with intense color and sweetness.

Item #0278

New! $ 2.69

Carrot Baby Little Finger HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

57 days. A gourmet mini-carrot, fun for kids of all ages! Harvested early it has a deep orange color and tender core.

Item #4206

New! $ 4.49

Carrot Red Cored Chantenay HEIRLOOM Seeds

65-70 days. An excellent Chantenay type that is crisp and sweet with rich, reddish-orange color. A French heirloom.

Item #0277

New! $ 1.69

Cat Grass Two 8-inch Seed Disks

10-15 days. Satisfy your cat's craving for greens with a safe alternative to houseplants and turfgrass!

Item #4310

New! $ 7.49

Catnip HEIRLOOM Two 4-inch Seed Disks

Catnip entices cats to display delightful silliness and tranquil bliss. Also makes a delicious tea.

Item #4305

New! $ 4.49

Cauliflower Early Snowball HEIRLOOM Seeds

95-100 days. This variety has been one of the best for over 100 years! Reliably produces creamy 6 inch to 7 inch heads.

Item #0279

New! $ 1.69

Corn Dent Bloody Butcher Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

105-120 days. This historic jewel toned dent corn has been grown in Virginia since at least 1845. Wicked fun to grow!

Item #3153

New! $ 3.49

Cover Crop Crimson Clover HEIRLOOM Seeds (LG)

90-100 days. A hardworking cover crop for your vegetable garden that fixes nitrogen for improved soil fertility.

Item #7280

New! $ 2.99

Cucumber Poinsett 76 Seeds

65 days. This delicious, crisp slicing cucumber preforms well in all climates, including hot, humid areas.

Item #0280

New! $ 1.69

Eggplant Listada de Gandia Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

80 days. So pretty, you can grow it in the flower garden. Enjoy its thin skin, mild flavor and tender texture!

Item #3154

New! $ 2.39

Kale Italian Lacinato Nero Toscana HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed

62 days. This handsome, nutritious kale adds heartiness to soups, stews and grain dishes.

Item #4207

New! $ 4.49

Kale Premier Blend Seeds (LG)

25 days. Once you are hooked on delicious, nutritious kale, you can never get enough of it!

Item #7317

New! $ 3.49

Out of Stock

Leafy Greens Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Arugula Rocket Salad Roquette, Spinach Bloomsdale, Kale Italian Lacinato Nero Toscana.

Item #4201

New! $ 6.49

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