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Botanical Interests offers a variety of new vegetable seeds - all untreated & non-GMO. Browse our selection, including organic & heirloom options below.

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Arugula Rocket Salad Roquette Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds (LG)

30-45 days. If you love the unique, peppery taste of arugula, imagine scrumptious salads throughout the growing season!

Item #7612

New! $ 3.99

Arugula Wild Rocket Salad, Roquette HEIRLOOM Seeds

If you like arugula, you are going to love this one. Complex, spicy flavor excites your palate!

Item #0298

New! $ 2.39

Broccoli Sprouting Summer Purple Seeds

Harvest tender, colorful broccoli spears for many weeks in summer and fall with this heat-tolerant variety.

Item #0290

New! $ 2.39

Carrot Danvers 126 Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds (LG)

65 days. Delight in Danvers 126 crunch and classic sweet flavor pulled straight from the garden!

Item #7614

New! $ 3.99

Corn Ornamental Striped Japonica Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

Add brilliant color and novelty to your flower or vegetable garden. Enjoy its jewel-like dark burgundy cobs as decor!

Item #2038

New! $ 2.99

Corn Popcorn Dakota Black Organic Seeds

You'll pop over these gorgeous, jewel-like, blackberry-colored kernels! Save the ears for autumn decor.

Item #3166

New! $ 2.99

Corn Popcorn Robust Pop 400MR Seeds

Feel like you're at a carnival every day! Electric orange, kernels pop to a large preferred round shape for kettle corn.

Item #0297

New! $ 2.69

Corn Sweet Frosty (white) Seeds

Picnics and summer meals will be extra sweet with this creamy white corn! A high quality variety.

Item #0287

New! $ 2.99

Garlic Hardneck Metechi Organic Bulb

Bold flavor and a good keeper for fall and winter meals. (Cannot ship to ID, HI and WA [some counties].)

Item #4957

New! $ 4.00

Garlic Hardneck Virus and Nematode Free Deerfield Purple 2 PACK

Purple stripe hardneck with a dark purple color to the bulb. (Cannot ship to ID, HI and WA [some counties]).

Item #4984

New! $ 11.99

Garlic Hardneck Virus and Nematode Free Duganski 2 PACK

Purple stripe hardneck with a light purple blush to the bulb. (Cannot ship to ID, HI and WA [some counties]).

Item #4982

New! $ 11.99

Garlic Hardneck Virus and Nematode Free Mount Hood Bulb

Hardneck porcelain variety, large, bright bulbs. (Cannot ship to ID, HI and WA [some counties]).

Item #4961

New! $ 6.00

Garlic Hardneck Virus and Nematode Free Music Bulb

Great flavor and medium pungency from large, easy to peel cloves. (Cannot ship to ID, HI, WA [some counties]).

Item #4966

New! $ 4.00

Lettuce Leaf Lolla Rossa Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

Frilly with blushing rosy red tips, fall for lovely Lolla Rossa's delicate flavor, texture, and charming good looks!

Item #3165

New! $ 2.39

Lettuce Leaf Salad Bowl Blend Organic HEIRLOOM seeds (LG)

50 days. A favorite for so many years! If you are looking for just one type of lettuce to plant, this is it!

Item #7615

New! $ 4.99

Melon Cucamelon Mouse Melon HEIRLOOM Seeds

90 days. Adorable little "watermelons" that taste like cucumber are fun to grow.

Item #0285

New! $ 2.69

Melon Ha Ogen Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

Your mouth will water when you cut into this sweet, vine-ripened melon in the summer heat.

Item #3159

New! $ 2.39

Onion Bulb Yellow Sweet Spanish Utah Seeds

This large, extra sweet yellow onion has a very mild taste. Wonderful flavor for eating fresh or caramelized.

Item #0291

New! $ 1.79

Onion Shallot Zebrune HEIRLOOM Seeds

What a delight, French shallots fresh from the garden! Impressive size - also called "chicken leg" shallot.

Item #0289

New! $ 2.69

Pea Shelling Tom Thumb HEIRLOOM Seeds

50 days. Also called Half Pint, these dwarf, 6"- 8" plants produce plenty of tasty peas without a need for staking!

Item #0288

New! $ 3.49

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