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We offer the finest selection of gourmet vegetable seeds. Whether you're looking for tried-and-true varieties, or want to explore new culinary delights, you'll be pleased with our selection of gardener favorites, and atypical vegetable seeds.

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Arugula Rocket Salad HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

45 days. The flavor of arugula will add spice to any salad; or indulge in a salad of only arugula. Delicious!

Item #4204

Sale! $ 2.25

Beet Ruby Queen HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

55 days for root. Tender, buttery-sweet, nutritious root vegetable. For eating fresh, canning or pickling.

Item #4205

Sale! $ 2.25

Carrot Atomic Red Seeds

70-75 days. Growing carrots is a blast with this nutritious, high lycopene variety with intense color and sweetness.

Item #0278

Sale! $ 1.88

Carrot Tendersweet Two 5-foot HEIRLOOM Seed Tapes

75 Days. True to its name, tender with sweet flavor. Deep red-orange color with an indistinct core.

Item #4221

Sale! $ 2.25

Corn Dent Bloody Butcher Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

105-120 days. This historic jewel toned dent corn has been grown in Virginia since at least 1845. Wicked fun to grow!

Item #3153

Sale! $ 2.44

Corn Popcorn Dakota Black Organic Seeds

95-100 days. You'll pop over these gorgeous, jewel-like, blackberry-colored kernels! Save the ears for autumn decor.

Item #3166

Sale! $ 2.09

Kale Italian Lacinato Nero Toscana HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Tapes

62 days. This handsome, nutritious kale adds heartiness to soups, stews and grain dishes.

Item #4207

Sale! $ 2.25

Lettuce Butterhead Speckles Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

55 days. The unusual speckling of these tender leaves will add a beautiful touch to any salad.

Item #3070

Sale! $ 1.00

Lettuce Garden HEIRLOOM Triple Variety Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Leaf Lettuce Waldmann's Green, Romaine Lettuce Little Gem, and Butterhead Lettuce Tom Thumb.

Item #4200

Sale! $ 3.25

Lettuce Romaine Freckles Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

55 days. A very pretty romaine with striking maroon "freckles" and excellent flavor.

Item #3069

Sale! $ 1.20

Lettuce Romaine Garnet Rose Seeds

74 days. Stunning dark red romaine for gorgeous salads. Slow to bolt with excellent uniformity; stays red to the center.

Item #0230

Sale! $ 0.95

Lettuce Romaine Parris Island Cos Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds (LG)

68 days.The only choice for a Caesar salad because of its large, crisp, sweet leaves.Easy to grow and always delicious!

Item #7611

Sale! $ 2.79

Microgreens Umami Asian Blend Organic Seeds (LG)

10-15 Days. A zesty mix of nutritious mustards and cabbages create layers of piquant flavor.

Item #7620

Sale! $ 2.79

Salad Greens Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Lettuce Leaf Waldmann's Green, Lettuce Mesclun Farmer's Market Blend and Spinach Bloomsdale.

Item #4203

Sale! $ 3.25

Sprouts Fenugreek Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds (LG)

With a nutty, maple syrup aroma, fenugreek sprouts add an exotic, spicy flavor to salads, sandwiches,and Indian cuisine.

Item #7805

Sale! $ 2.44

Swiss Chard Bright Lights Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

50-60 days. Spectacular stem colors, improved flavor. Delicious raw in salads! 1998 All-America Selections winner.

Item #4213

Sale! $ 2.25

Tomato Pole Aunt Ruby's German Green Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

80 days. This extraordinary, large, green tomato was saved by Aunt Ruby so we can enjoy it today.

Item #3003

Sale! $ 1.20

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Watermelon Mountain Sweet Yellow Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

95-100 days. Add sparkle to your summer picnic. Colorful, very sweet yellow fruit is beautiful in fruit salads.

Item #3157

Sale! $ 1.88