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We offer the finest selection of gourmet vegetable seeds. Whether you're looking for tried-and-true varieties, or want to explore new culinary delights, you'll be pleased with our selection of gardener favorites, and atypical vegetable seeds.

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Arugula Rocket Salad HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

45 days. The flavor of arugula will add spice to any salad; or indulge in a salad of only arugula. Delicious!

Item #4204

Sale! $ 2.25

Beet Ruby Queen HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

55 days for root. Tender, buttery-sweet, nutritious root vegetable. For eating fresh, canning or pickling.

Item #4205

Sale! $ 2.25

Carrot Baby Little Finger HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

57 days. A gourmet mini-carrot, fun for kids of all ages! Harvested early it has a deep orange color and tender core.

Item #4206

Sale! $ 2.25

Carrot Tendersweet Two 5-foot HEIRLOOM Seed Tapes

75 Days. True to its name, tender with sweet flavor. Deep red-orange color with an indistinct core.

Item #4221

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Kale Italian Lacinato Nero Toscana HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Tapes

62 days. This handsome, nutritious kale adds heartiness to soups, stews and grain dishes.

Item #4207

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Leafy Greens Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Arugula Rocket Salad Roquette, Spinach Bloomsdale, Kale Italian Lacinato Nero Toscana.

Item #4201

$ 6.49

Lettuce Garden HEIRLOOM Triple Variety Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Leaf Lettuce Waldmann's Green, Romaine Lettuce Little Gem, and Butterhead Lettuce Tom Thumb.

Item #4200

Sale! $ 3.25

Lettuce Mesclun Farmer's Market Blend Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

21-45 days. Grow your own baby greens with this tantalizing, mild blend of 6 varieties. Gourmet salads, easy to grow!

Item #4208

Sale! $ 2.25

Lettuce Mesclun Sassy Salad Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

21-58 days. This lively mix combines a variety of colors, textures and flavors, from spicy to sweet.

Item #4209

Sale! $ 2.25

Onion Bunching/Scallion White Lisbon Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

60 days. Delicate stems and juicy sweet tops! Vigorous, reliable and very easy to grow from seed.

Item #4210

Sale! $ 2.25

Pepper Chile Early Jalapeño HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

63 days. An abundance of flavorsome peppers come early on this sturdy plant. Enjoy raw, pickled, or stuffed.

Item #4211

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Pepper Sweet California Wonder Two 4-inch Seed Disks

75 days. Two colors on one plant! Excellent for stuffing, roasting, grilling, or as a snack.

Item #4215

Sale! $ 2.25

Radish Cherry Belle Two 5-Foot HEIRLOOM Seed Tapes

24 days. Ready to eat in just 24 days! Mild flavor and crisp texture for salads, sandwiches, and snack trays.

Item #4220

Sale! $ 2.25

Root Vegetable Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

A gourmet mini carrot, a tender, buttery-sweet beet, and a fresh, crisp radish are sure to please the palate.

Item #4202

Sale! $ 3.25

Salad Greens Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Lettuce Leaf Waldmann's Green, Lettuce Mesclun Farmer's Market Blend and Spinach Bloomsdale.

Item #4203

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Spinach Bloomsdale HEIRLOOM Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

28-45 days. An old favorite. Fall grown leaves are every bit as succulent as spring leaves and baby greens.

Item #4212

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Swiss Chard Bright Lights Two 5-foot Seed Tapes

50-60 days. Spectacular stem colors, improved flavor. Delicious raw in salads! 1998 All-America Selections winner.

Item #4213

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Tomato Cherry Lizzano Two 4-inch Seed Disks

Perfect for hanging baskets and containers! Compact plants produce an abundance of sweet, juicy, small fruits.

Item #4216

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Vegetable Garden Seed Tape Kit - Contains 9 Different Varieties!

Pepper, Eggplant, Tomato, Beet, Carrot, Cucumber, Lettuce, Onion, and Spinach

Item #4290

Sale! $ 7.25