Cucumber Lemon HEIRLOOM Seeds

Cucumber Lemon HEIRLOOM Seeds

Cucumis sativus

Item #0086

65 days. This unusual, eye-catching lemon-shaped cucumber has excellent flavor, and is a great slicer or pickler. It is scrumptious, eaten skin and all just like you would an apple. Hard to find in grocery stores. Keeps well in the refrigerator. Plants are somewhat drought tolerant.

This packet sows ten mounds of 3 plants per mound.

Cucumber Comparison Chart

Days to Emerge:
5-10 days

Seed Depth:

Seed Spacing:
Plant mounds, 4-6 seeds per mound

Row Spacing:
mounds 4' apart

When 3 leaves, thin to 3 plants per mound

When to sow outside: RECOMMENDED. 1 to 2 weeks after average last frost, and when soil temperatures are warm, at least 65°F.

When to start inside: 4 to 6 weeks before average last frost

Harvesting: Pick when cucumbers are between lemon and apple size. Cut the stem rather than pulling at the fruit to break off. Once picked, immediately immerse in cold water to disperse “field heat”; this increases quality and life of picked fruit.

Artist: Carol Till

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