Beet Chioggia Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

Beet Chioggia Organic HEIRLOOM Seeds

Beta vulgaris

Item #3150

55 days. This Italian heirloom produces delicious green tops and tasty roots. When cooked in slices, the rings merge to a nice pink color or cook whole to preserve the color. Each beet seed produces multiple plants and the thinnings are a delightful addition to your salad for extra color and flavor. Packed with nutrition, beets are high in fiber, potassium, folic acid and the antioxidant, betacyanin. Delicious roasted, steamed, and pickled.

This packet sows five 5-foot rows

Days to Emerge:
5-20 days

Seed Depth:

Seed Spacing:
A group of
3 seeds
every 4"

Row Spacing:

When 2" tall
thin to 1
every 4"

When to sow outside: RECOMMENDED. 2 to 4 weeks before average last frost for early summer crop, and late summer for fall crop. Growing during hot temperature periods should be avoided. In USDA zones 6 or warmer, seed can be sown outside as early as January 1st. Zones 10 and 11 can sow fall through winter.

When to start inside: Not recommended.

Special germination instructions: Soak seeds for 8 to 24 hours before sowing.

Harvesting: For early spring sowings, harvest before summer heat. For late summer sowings, harvest before first heavy frost. For winter sowings in mild climates, harvest by March. Harvest when roots are anywhere from 2" - 3" in diameter. Do not let them get too big; the smaller they are, the more tender. You can take as much as one third of a beet plant’s leaves for greens without harming the root crop; leave at least 2" of foliage above ground level.

Artist: Carolyn Crawford

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