Root Vegetable Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Root Vegetable Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Daucus carota sativus, Beta vulgaris, Raphanus sativus

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Sowing with seed tape is an easy way to achieve a beautiful garden. Seed tape keeps seed in place until germination. It is biodegradable and reduces the need to thin overcrowded seedlings. Simply cut the tape to fit your growing area, place in a shallow trench, cover with soil, water and keep evenly moist. Instruction booklet included for your gardening success!

Tender, buttery-sweet, nutritious root vegetable. For eating fresh, canning or pickling. Foliage is a tasty green, packed with iron! 1957 All-America Selections winner.

A gourmet mini-carrot, fun for kids of all ages! Even harvested early, it has a deep orange color, tender core and sweet flavor.

RADISH Easter Egg Blend
Nothing says spring like the fresh crisp taste of a homegrown radish! A bright blend of colors that is perfect for salads and relish trays.

Approximate number of seeds:
Carrot - 72
Beet - 36
Radish - 72

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