Salad Greens Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Salad Greens Triple Variety Collection Three 6-foot Seed Tapes

Lactuca sativa and Spinacia oleracea

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Sowing with seed tape is an easy way to achieve a beautiful garden. Seed tape keeps seed in place until germination. It is biodegradable and reduces the need to thin overcrowded seedlings. Simply cut the tape to fit your growing area, place in a shallow trench, cover with soil, water and keep evenly moist. Instruction booklet included for your gardening success!

These crisp and delicious ruffled leaves can be grown to maturity or picked as baby leaves for numerous salads.

LETTUCE MESCLUN Farmer's Market Blend
Grow your own baby greens with this tantalizing, mild blend of six varieties. A pretty mix with varied textures, shapes, and colors. Gourmet salads, yet easy to grow!

An old favorite among gardeners, Bloomsdale has excellent flavor. Fall grown leaves are every bit as succulent as spring leaves and baby greens.

Approximate number of seeds:
Leaf lettuce - 72
Mesclun - 216
Spinach - 36

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