Hummingbird Nectar Seed Collection

Hummingbird Nectar Seed Collection

Assorted Genera and species

Item #4535

If you are blessed with the buzz of hummingbirds in your garden every year, you are lucky. Many gardeners can wistfully tell you a story about the first or last time one of these 'flying flowers' graced their garden. If you'd like to increase the number of 'fly-bys' in your yard, grow the mostly red flowers in this collection. All are the correct shape and type to attract hummingbirds. As a bonus, you will enjoy the explosion of fiery-colored flowers, and can eat the runner beans!

(A) Bee Balm Lambada (50 mg)
(A) Cardinal Climber Vine (1.5 grams)
(P) Columbine McKana Giants Blend (200 mg)
(Pt) Cypress Vine Funny Valentine Blend (750 mg)
(P) Cleome Spider Flower Fountain Blend (400 mg)
(P) Hyssop Lavender Hyssop (.25 grams)
(P) Penstemon Firecracker (250 mg)
(A) Zinnia Fireball Blend (1 gram)

A=Annual P=Perennial Pt=Tender Perennial

*Please note that substitutions may apply

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