Moon Garden Seed Collection

Moon Garden Seed Collection

Assorted Genera and species

Item #4544

Don't let your enjoyment of the garden end at dusk! These white and silvery plants reflect the moonlight, creating an enchanting scene after sunset. As a bonus, the datura, moonflower, and nicotiana flowers are visited by hawk moths and other nighttime pollinators--a fascinating show that can be observed from your quiet seat in the shadows.

(A) Baby's Breath Snowflake (250 Mg)
(A) Cosmos Psyche White (500Mg)
(A) Datura Angel's Trumpet (200 Mg)
(A) Moonflower (5 Grams)
(A) Nicotiana Indian Peace Pipe (150 Mg)
(A) Orlaya White Lace (25 seeds)
(A) Sunflower Vanilla Ice (500 Mg)


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