Weird and Wonderful Seed Collection

Weird and Wonderful Seed Collection

Assorted Genera and species

Item #4556

The ornamentals in this collection will add new structure and colors to your garden as well as to your indoor decor, when added to flower arrangements, fresh or dried.
The vegetables are not the usual table fare; they'll wow you first with their quirky good looks, then with their delicious flavors.

(P) Chinese Lantern (150 Mg)
(A) Love-Lies-Bleeding (300 Mg)
(A) Ornamental Eggplant Pumpkin on a Stick Organic (30 seeds)
Broccoli Romanesco (1 Gram)
Kohlrabi Purple & White Vienna Blend (750 Mg)
Radish Rat Tail (50 seeds)
Pumpkin Red Warty Thing (2 grams)

A=Annual P=Perennial

*Please note that substitutions may apply.

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