Gardener's Scrubbing Soap Basil Poppy Seed

Gardener's Scrubbing Soap Basil Poppy Seed

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After a hard day's work in the garden, reward yourself with this refreshing gently textured, natural soap. Its sweetly-scented basil aroma will leave you feeling pampered!

People can't stop raving about this soap!

"This is the most luxurious soap I have ever used...What luxury for my hands! Every time I wash them with this soap, I feel like I’ve taken them to a spa. There is no better way to pamper your favorite gardener." ~ Kathy,

"The scrubbing comes from poppy seeds, and it softly smells of herbal yumminess...I will say this, it lasts a very long time in the shower and still smells good almost a month after I started using it." ~ Dee

Ingredients: Saponified organic sunflower oil, organic palm fruit oil, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea nut butter, organic flax seed oil, refined green clay, organic basil fragrance oil, poppy seeds.

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