Garden Stakes 12/pack

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Each 12" stake includes a space for noting the variety name and date planted. Our USA-manufactured stakes are made from a sustainable and renewable source of White Birch grown and harvested in New England. The large size reduces the chances that your labels will get "lost" in the garden. Stakes are made from untreated wood and are biodegradable. Add them to your compost bin after the season is over.
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1 review

Will be buying more!

5 out of 5 stars Oct 17, 2020
Love how well made these are and will be buying more to give as gifts because friends who see them in my vegetable garden LOVE them and often comment 'I want those'. They look like new even after watering the garden and long summer days of sun. Now THAT is a sign of a high quality product!
Beth Grant DeRoos from CA

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