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There is a local legend that renowned Colorado garden writer Lauren Springer sowed some poppy seeds from a bagel and discovered this unique variety. In reality, this experienced horticulturist spent years culling the seeds from the rich purple poppies growing in her garden, knowing gardeners would appreciate the superb beauty of this stunning variety.

$2.29 150 mg (~360 seeds)

Botanical Name: Papaver somniferum

Family: Papaveraceae

Native: Africa, Eurasia

Hardiness: Annual

Plant Dimensions: 24"–36" tall

Variety Information: 2" dark purple-violet flowers

Exposure: Full sun

Bloom Period: Late spring

Attributes: Attracts Pollinators, Cut Flower, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant

When to Sow Outside: RECOMMENDED. 4 to 6 weeks before your average last frost date, as soon as soil can be worked, or early to mid-fall for bloom the following spring. Mild Climates: Fall sowing recommended. Optimal soil temperature for germination is 50°–65°F

When to Start Inside: Not recommended. Roots are sensitive to disturbance.

Days to Emerge: 10–15 days

Seed Depth: Scatter and rake in lightly

Thinning: When 2" tall, thin to 1 every 8"–10"

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Lauren's Grape Poppy Seeds Reviews

5 reviews

Beautiful flower, ecstatic bees

5 out of 5 stars Aug 4, 2020
The first year we had trouble identifying the plant until it flowered. The second year, I planted it everywhere, overcrowded in a raised pot and amongst some saffron crocus which disappear until autumn so the poppies provided a good marker. The bees love them and swim in the flowers in the morning until 9am. The magnificent flowers last a couple of days. The sea green foliage is attractive. I hope to keep replanting and eating with all the poppy seeds. My understanding is poppies need some cold weather or fridge time and these have done well in Denver, Colorado.
Malinda Painter from CO

Seeds didn't sprout

1 out of 5 stars May 4, 2021
I planted these seeds in a various areas of my garden and none of them sprouted. I followed the instructions and gave them what they needed to flourish.
Roxy from WA
Owner Response: Dear Roxy, thank you for taking the time to review our seed. Quality is important to us which is why we happily guarantee our seed. A customer service representative will contact you with assistance.

Pretty little poppy

5 out of 5 stars Jul 3, 2021
I've always had trouble broadcasting seeds into the outdoor dirt patch during the winter and getting these seeds to germinate so this year I took the approach of starting them indoors and then transplanting the seedlings in early spring. This worked better for me in my soil conditions. The Lauren's grape poppies (papaver somniferum) are a pretty grape color and the flower itself was smaller than I anticipated since I am used to seeing those bold red/orange tall oriental poppies (papaver orientale) that are common in my neighbors yards but I think it's the variety trait. The flowers are short lived but so pretty when the do come up. I will let the seedpods dry up and see if I can gather seeds again, if not, I'll buy more packets here!
Steph from UT

Hardy and Beautiful!

5 out of 5 stars Jul 12, 2021
LOVE these, they grew both direct seeded and as a transplants from my greenhouse. The dark purple is stunning and they weathered the PNW heat dome with no trouble. I'm so pleased.
Molly from WA

Fabulous little poppy!

5 out of 5 stars Aug 2, 2021
I direct sowed these in January, they sprouted in early spring and bloomed around June and on and off for the rest of the summer. They are small, about 8-10 inches tall, but very striking when they bloom. Highly recommended! I'm growing in zone 5b in Denver Colorado.
Gretchen from CO

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