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This packet sows 6–9 plants
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Now you can grow your own calorie-free, carbohydrate-free, low-glycemic sweetener at home! Stevia, also called sweetleaf, is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, so a little goes a long way. Some say the leaves have a slight, pleasant, anise aftertaste. The bushy, 18"-30" tall plants can be grown in 10"-12" diameter containers. Leaves are sweetest just before the plant flowers in late summer to fall. Grown as an annual, although perennial in USDA zones 10 and warmer.
$3.49 12 seeds

Botanical Name: Stevia rebaudiana

Family: Asteraceae

Native: Paraguay and Brazil

Hardiness: Hardiness: Grown as an annual, although perennial in USDA zones 10 and warmer.

Plant Dimensions: 18"–30" tall, 18" wide

Variety Information: An upright leafy plant with brittle stems and elliptical, toothed leaves. Plants produce small, white, tubular flowers in late summer to fall.

Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Attributes: Good for Containers

When to Sow Outside: Not recommended.

When to Start Inside: RECOMMENDED. 8 to 10 weeks before your average last frost date. Optimal soil temperature is 70°–75°F.

Days to Emerge: 7–21 days

Seed Depth: ⅛" or barely cover

Seed Spacing: 18"

Row Spacing: 20"–24"

Thinning: Not required

Harvesting: Best flavor (highest stevioside content) is right before the plant flowers. Harvest in the morning after dew has dried. The entire plant can be cut or pick individual leaves or branches at any growth stage. To allow growth to continue, never remove more than ⅓ of the plant at a time. In very mild climates, plant may re-grow after cutting back to 4"–6" above the base.

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Candy Stevia Seeds Reviews

14 reviews

25% of Seeds MISSING!!!

1 out of 5 stars Jun 20, 2020
I was really excited to plant these seeds, but when I opened up my packet, I discovered that there were only 9 seeds instead of the advertised 12! At $2.99, each seed costs almost 25 cents, and I was missing 3 of them! Usually, I trust Botanical Interests to come through with high quality, but this time I was sorely disappointed. Will NOT be buying these seeds again.
Jade from CA
Owner Response: Dear Jade, Thank you for making us aware of the issue. On occasion, our packing machine can make an error, but we do guarantee our seeds and a customer service agent will be with you shortly to offer a replacement.

Great germination

5 out of 5 stars Jan 7, 2021
I've heard that stevia can be quite tricky to grow, so I was very pleased when these seeds had germinated in a week! Plants are still quite small, but looking forward to watching them mature throughout the spring.
Lizzy from TX

High Quality

5 out of 5 stars Jan 21, 2021
The seeds were packaged very neatly. I will buy my seeds from Botanical Interests from now on! The germination rate was very nice, and I could give some of my baby plants to my friends. It grew very nice, I'm very impressed!
anonymous from AL

0% germ rate

1 out of 5 stars Apr 12, 2021
Unfortunately I had a 0% germination rate. I tried all 12 seeds. They were in a sunny window and under a grow lite. No issues with any other seeds with this method. Very disappointed.
Patricia from NV
Owner Response: Hi Patricia, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are sorry to hear you experienced poor germination with this variety. Quality is important to us. We test our seed lots frequently to ensure germination rates exceed federal and our own standards. We happily guarantee our seeds so a customer service agent will be contacting you shortly to help.


1 out of 5 stars Aug 2, 2021
I could not get this to sprout. It was probably my error, but I always compensate for the intense sun by gardening in rolling beds on my deck so that I can supply enough water also and shade.
Debby from TX
Owner Response: Hi Debby, We recommend starting these seeds indoors-it will really help to control temperature and moisture, especially in your hot climate.

Not What I Hoped For

1 out of 5 stars Nov 14, 2021
I started several stevia seeds inside under lights. Nada. Not one seed germinated. All the other herbs and veggies did, but the stevia seeds did nothing. I'll try again in the spring.
Carol from TX
Owner Response: Hi Carol, Stevia has a naturally low germination rate and we recommend sowing indoors and sowing heavily, keeping soil between 70 and 75 degrees and seeds should barely be covered.

Struggle to grow, so be prepared

4 out of 5 stars Dec 11, 2021
Stevia is notoriously hard to grow from seed for most of us, and it has a low germination rate. I start seeds indoors with bottom-heat (68-72 degrees) and bottom-water them. Try that if you've had no luck so far.
Kathy from NC

where are the seeds?

1 out of 5 stars Feb 12, 2022
Disappointed! There were only five seeds in TWO of the packets I bought! I already know that there is a low germ rate and at well over two dollars a packet I am pretty sure that I am out 5 dollars for nothing. This was the first time that I have ordered from this company and was expecting enough seeds to do something with. I have ordered from many other seed companies, and I have at least had minimum seed count in the package. I also ordered sun gold tomatoes at the same time and noticed that there were about 6 seeds in the packet. I have a large garden and grow a lot of tomatoes and was planning on having the sun gold be my only cherry tomato so now I am not going to have enough to do that. Next time I will take my chances with my tried-and-true seed companies. I hate it too I had hope for this company.
Valerie Gollihue from KY
Owner Response: Hi Valerie, We hate it when that happens! We do our best to pack seeds precisely, but occasionally seeds get stuck in the machine on packing. As the packet says, we do guarantee our products and we are happy to replace short packets when you let us know. A customer service agent will be contacting you via email to make it right. We sure hope you will feel comfortable contacting customer service for help should you ever have issues or questions. Happy gardening!

I stand corrected seed count still low but 100% germination

4 out of 5 stars Mar 26, 2022
When I first received my seeds, I was very disappointed with the seed count and still believe it could be improved but I will report that all of the seeds I planted sprouted and fairly quickly as well. the plants are vigorous and healthy, and I am very surprised they are doing so well. I am giving it a 4 star instead of a 1 star.
Valerie Gollihue from KY

Low germination rate

3 out of 5 stars Jun 6, 2022
I've ordered stevia seeds from other companies in the past and got 0% germination. I was pleased to finally see a stevia plant grow from seed from Botanical Interests. It took about 8 days to germinate with a heat mat, and the single plant has been doing very well (thus far). Unfortunately, it's the only plant that I got from planting all 12 seeds in the seed packet. All the seeds were set up with the same conditions. If I could have gotten even 3-4 plants from a single seed packet, that would have been wonderful!
R from WV
Owner Response: Hi there, It typically takes 7 to 21 days for these seedlings to emerge, so persistence and patience is key! We are sorry that you didn't experience the germination rates that we guarantee, quality if very important to us. A customer service representative will be in contact with you soon. Thank you for choosing Botanical Interests!

Beginner gardener here! Please someone coach me?

4 out of 5 stars Sep 11, 2022
I live in a 6B zone and I couldn't wait until spring! I ever so carefully planted 3 Candy Stevia seeds and one sprouted! I have two sets of leaves smaller than a pencil eraser. She is in her own 3" pot with saucer on my kitchen windowsill next to some happy basil. I don't feel like I'm in the clear yet and she is growing super slow. Any pointers for growing her inside and IF I get her to 3-4 inches do I just pinch her like a basil to get her to branch out? (Someone gave me a chocolate mint cutting that's taking off and I think together they would make some nice tea for winter if I'm lucky!) Thank you!!!
Kerry from ID
Owner Response: Hi Kerry, We're always happy to help you along your gardening journey. Herbs need at least six hours of sunlight per day, they love a sunny south- or west-facing window or you may supplement with artificial lighting. We recommend fluorescent lights, both warm-white and cool-white, 125-watt bulbs hung 2 to 6 inches above the tops of the plants. Then set a timer so the plants receive 14-16 hours of light a day. Plants will need more artificial than natural light. To really get your herbs going, keep the room temperature between 65 and 75 degrees F. Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions! Thank you for choosing Botanical Interests.

Seeds missing

2 out of 5 stars Mar 6, 2023
Only had about 8 tiny seeds.... very disappointing. Really hope they germinate
Jamie from IL

Got only 10. Seeds are sprouting

4 out of 5 stars Mar 8, 2023
I believe I got only 10 seeds. I planted 5 days ago. One germinate in day 3! In day 5, I have 6 germinating. I use a heat mat (75F) and light (just a common led shop light). I barely covered (I use common potting soil and vermiculite). There is a long ways to have a "real" plant. However, the first step seems to be happening :) Removing 1 star for not having the correct amount of seeds
Luiza from CA

Not enough seeds; Got good germination

4 out of 5 stars Mar 16, 2023
I got my seeds in Feb 2023. I believe I received only 10, instead of 12. However, the germination is awesome. From the 10, I got 6 seedlings - maybe 7. The first germination happen within 3 days! Only the possible 7th germinated after 5 days. Removing one star because there are few seeds in the package already and received even less.
Luiza from CA

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