Sow Your Love for Pollinators

butterfly haven

From the food they help produce to the flowers they pollinate that become seeds in our packets, I love pollinators! That is why I decided Botanical Interests would take a bigger step in helping pollinators. In addition to our annual contributions to the National Wildlife Federation's Be a Butterfly Hero Campaign, we also offer a seed packet with Pollinator Partnership.

The I Love Pollinators packet includes certified organic, pollinator friendly, and easy-to-grow varieties that bloom throughout the growing season, and all proceeds go to the Pollinator Partnership. Our goal is to help them further their mission of promoting the health of pollinators critical to our food and ecosystems through conservation, education, and research. We appreciate the work this organization does, and we love how their education and outreach makes helping pollinators attainable for anyone, in the same way we like to make gardening approachable and enjoyable for anyone.

The Pollinator Partnership initiated, and now manages, National Pollinator Week, the third week in June dedicated to raising awareness of pollinators. See their website for events, educational materials, and to donate. Together we can use National Pollinator Week to bring attention to and help pollinators through gardening and other simple actions.

Join us in this effort by sowing plants that support pollinators.

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