German Chamomile Seeds

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What could be more soothing than curling up at bedtime with a good book and a cup of chamomile tea made from flowers fresh from your garden? The flowers can also be dried for floral arrangements, pressed for crafts, or woven into charming wreaths, and their edible petals can be tossed into salads. In the garden, chamomile attracts beneficial insects and pollinators.

Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita

Family: Asteraceae

Native: Africa and Europe

Hardiness: Annual; reseeds

Plant Dimensions: 18"–30" tall, 12"–18" wide

Variety Information: Fern-like foliage on thin, light green stems, ¾" apple-scented, white, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers. Blooms from late spring to summer.

Exposure: Full sun

Attributes: Attracts Pollinators, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Good for Containers

When to Sow Outside: RECOMMENDED. 4 to 6 weeks before your average last frost date or as soon as soil can be worked.

When to Start Inside: 4 to 6 weeks before your average last frost date. Optimal soil temperature is 65°–85°F.

Days to Emerge: 10–15 days

Seed Depth: Press into surface

Seed Spacing: A pinch of seeds every 8"

Row Spacing: 18"

Thinning: When ½" tall, thin to 1 every 8"

Harvesting: Pick flowers in the morning, just before fully opened, and dry on a screen covered with cheesecloth in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area. Plants may also be hung upside down to dry.

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German Chamomile Seeds Reviews

9 reviews

Love the flowers

5 out of 5 stars Jul 16, 2018
I forgot I bought these two years ago I found the package, in a drawer pulled it out and dropped them in my container they took off so pretty, I have not cut them back will do soon. Make sure you use a medium to large container I used a small container so they are very compact but still nice to look at.
Amy from WA

Great Ground Cover

4 out of 5 stars Jul 13, 2020
Germinated the seeds indoors and transplanted outside. Seeds germinated well and some transplants did okay. I had to resow a couple of times outside. They were a little slow to grow but once they did, BAM! they spread and grew a lot! Now I have a bunch of chamomile in the front yard. The white petals are not as prominent but they still look great. Hoping these may reseed to come back next year.
Erika H. from CO

Sweet surprise

5 out of 5 stars Aug 25, 2020
I didn't read the directions for planting thoroughly, and was disappointed at first by what appeared to be flowerless green stalks. Eventually, however, the flowers did bloom - and bloom, and bloom, and spread! They are still going strong into late August, but I am in the process of harvesting and drying for tea. Would definitely buy again- they are so pretty and take little maintenance.
Jodie from WA

Nice perennial

4 out of 5 stars Apr 23, 2021
Slow starting but came back happily the second year.
Marnie Ann from NY

Very Easy and Beautiful

5 out of 5 stars May 16, 2021
Last fall I sprinkled the seed on loosened ground. This spring I have a ton of little daisy like flowers. You can trim them down and they will come back even better than before. I definitely recommend these flowers.
Ava from GA

Fast growing once established

5 out of 5 stars May 26, 2021
Even with year old seeds I got great germination- be prepared to give away some seedlings! I also got a volunteer that reseeded from last year. Pretty green foliage and apple scented little flowers. Last year I sowed them too late so they didn't bloom until fall. This year I sowed in mid March and they have flower buds now at the end of May!
Laura from IL

German Chamomile

5 out of 5 stars Jul 12, 2021
It was great and I have dried chamomile for tea as well as it reseeded itself into a pot and is growing again.
Ann from CA

Hobby Gardener

5 out of 5 stars Nov 10, 2021
A lovely fragrance and hardy herb that I was able to make wonderful tea from!
Courtney from WA
Owner Response: Thanks for sharing your experience!

Super Hardy And Easy to Grow

5 out of 5 stars Jul 1, 2022
I sowed these seeds in an area where I had a burn pile the year before. I have about 6 or 7 flowering plants there now. This is my third year growing them but the first time I have planted them in a burn area. I am very impressed! I pick the flowers for my winter time chamomile tea.
Joy from OH

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