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Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter

Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter


Grow a variety of sprout in 2-10 days. Our larger trays and unique removable tray dividers give you many options. The trays are 7 ½" wide, allowing for bigger batches of sprouts, and if using the tray dividers, you can grow up to four smaller batches.

Easy to use. Our sprouter is equipped with a water diffusing lid that evenly disperses water amongst your seeds, and once ready to harvest, it is also great for storing your sprouts in the refrigerator. Repeated rinsing will keep your sprouts fresh, crunchy, and delicious.

Healthy and eco-friendly. Homegrown sprouts are always fresh and nutrient dense--and a fraction of the grocery store price! We designed our BPA-free sprouter to enable you to enjoy healthy, ready-to-eat, freshly grown sprouts anytime.

Year-round indoor gardening. Grow a variety of sprouts year-round in our sprouter that only requires minimal light and water.
Hand-wash only.

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BPA-free Sprouter includes:

  • 2 stackable growing trays
  • 2 tray dividers
  • 1 water diffusing lid
  • 1 water-catching base
  • Instruction booklet with recipes

BPA-free Sprouter dimensions: 6"H, 7.5" W, 7"D

The newly upgraded Seed Sprouter is even more user-friendly with added the new features:

  • Labels on the product components to aid in assembly
  • More efficient air ventilation throughout the product to help with draining and germination
  • Deeper trays to give sprouts more room to grow

Seed Sprouter Instructions

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