Garlic is sold out for the season. Please check back in the summer of 2022.

Garlic is the superfood that no cook wants to be without. The succulent, juicy, aromatic, flavorful cloves of home-grown garlic is unparalleled, far surpassing any that you can find in the store. Get your garden bed ready!

Softneck or hardneck?

Softneck garlic produces a bulb in a variety of climates and does not require a cold winter chilling period (vernalization) to grow, making it perfect for regions with mild winters, although it also grows well in areas with cold winters. Softnecks usually have smaller cloves than hardneck varieties, store for up to a year, and are ideal for braiding.

Hardneck garlic has more complex flavor and produces a tall, edible flower stalk, called a "scape", in spring, with few exceptions. Hardneck garlic varieties typically can be stored for 4 to 6 months. Many hardnecks require a winter chilling period, and are generally not suited for mild winter areas, however, vernalization can be mimicked. Simply place the bulbs in a dark location at 40°F with a relative humidity of 80% for 40 to 45 days before planting.

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