Bring Home the Butterflies Flower Mix Seeds

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It's easy to convert your garden into a private retreat for butterflies with this mix of annual, biennial, and perennial flowers and herbs! A lovely range of flower colors, heights, and bloom times.

Mix includes (see diagram):

  1. China Aster
  2. Bishops Flower
  3. Black-Eyed Susan
  4. Borage
  5. Calendula
  6. Balsam
  7. Clover, Crimson
  8. Coreopsis, Lance-leaved
  9. Bachelor's button
  10. Cosmos
  11. Dill
  12. Lemon Mint
  13. Mexican Lupine
  14. Mexican Sunflower
  15. Parsley
  16. Pincushion Flower
  17. Blazing Star
  18. Purple Coneflower
  19. Rocky Mountain Bee Plant
  20. Snapdragon
  21. Sneezeweed
  22. Butterfly Flower/Milkweed
  23. Sweet Sultan
  24. Sweet William
  25. Tall Verbena
  26. Sweet Alyssum
  27. Sulphur Cosmos

Hardiness: Annuals, perennials, and biennials

Plant Dimensions: 12"–72" tall

Bloom Period: ANNUALS: Most annuals bloom from late spring to first fall frost. BIENNIALS/PERENNIALS: Most biennials and perennials will develop foliage the first season, and bloom the following season(s).

Attributes: Attracts Pollinators

When to Sow Outside: RECOMMENDED. Cold Climates: 2 to 4 weeks before your average last frost date. You can also sow half the seed 4 to 6 weeks before your average last frost date (hoping the last frost is earlier than usual) and sow the second half a week or two after your average last frost date (just to be safe). Mild Climates: Fall through early spring.

When to Start Inside: Not recommended.

Days to Emerge: 7–21 days

Seed Depth: ⅛"–¼"

Seed Spacing: Scatter about 20 seeds per sq. ft. and rake in

Thinning: As needed

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Bring Home the Butterflies Flower Mix Seeds Reviews

13 reviews

Every garden wants these seeds

5 out of 5 stars Jul 16, 2018
I bought this mix and put in in my bed surrounding the vegetable garden early spring zone 6. By summer the planter was full of gorgeous plants and flowers. It brought in wild bees, honey bees and butterflies. We had Swallowtails and Monarchs and about 6 other types flying in every day. The following year the perennials returned. We moved so I am buying it again. Also, vegetable production was great thanks to this.
Andrea Pellicani from OR

You don't get any easier or more beautiful

5 out of 5 stars Jul 21, 2018
I love this seed mix, just sow, water, and watch them grow. I'm always surprised by the varieties that pop up. I've had different flowers germinate in different areas of the garden and it leads to an absolutely beautiful variety. It's a great addition to my butterfly garden and encourages pollinators of all sorts to stop by.
Tara P from FL

Perfect Novice Flowers

5 out of 5 stars Oct 1, 2018
I put these in a garden bed and gave them just enough water without much more.. They grew so big and beautiful and continued to bloom in different colors for several months. They are no nonsense and perfect for a novice.
Ellyn from MT

Pollinators enjoyed

5 out of 5 stars Sep 27, 2019
Great addition to our pollinator garden and will order again.
Mark & Susan Hastings from MI

Butterflies Galore!

5 out of 5 stars Feb 26, 2020
I planted the 10g packet in my garden last season on a whim and watched all of the wonderful wildflowers quickly sprout and thrive in my little garden. By the end of the summer, I had lost count of the dozens of Monarch butterflies which were totally fixated on the Mexican Sunflowers.
David Strunk from PA


5 out of 5 stars Jun 18, 2020
Bought "Bring home the butterflies", "Precious pollinators", and "Water-wise" flower mixes and planted in front and back yard in mid-April. Wow! Now have Cosmos, Zinnias, Borage, Sweet Alison, Balsams, Calendula, and Asters blooming among others I have not yet identified. Sunflowers are about to bloom. Wish I could post pics. I bought flower mixes from other companies that are not doing as well.
K. F. from NC

Mixed Flower Seed Packets

5 out of 5 stars Aug 6, 2020
I subscribe to most of the natural seed catalogs, and Botanical Interests mixed flower seed packets focused on butterflies, bees, etc. are by far the best, most generous, and most affordable.
Ann M. Klein from GA

Packet Needs More Flowers and Less Foilage

2 out of 5 stars Aug 9, 2020
This is a very easy way to start a butterfly garden and fill in some space. However, the packet lists many different types of flowers, but I certainly did not get all of them. In fact, I got a bunch of green foliage that is not listed on the packet. I know butterflies lay eggs on the foliage so it is needed, but I got one GIANT stemmy thing taking up most of the space, two large leafy things taking up a good chunk of space, and only a few types of flowers. I had to cut back the foilage because they were blocking sunlight from the flowers and causing them to die. Having said all that, I did get some butterflies to show up. I will give this packet one more shot next season and I suggest ensuring more flowers listed on the packet are actually in the packet.
Jordan from NE
Owner Response: Hi Jordan, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Several of the flowers in this mix are perennials. Perennials started from seed outdoors commonly takes 2 growing seasons to bloom. Every seed in this mix does eventually produce a flower, it will just take some patience. It sounds like the flower patch came in quite thickly and it will help to thin some plants out to reduce competition. We hope you will continue to enjoy this mix as more and more flowers come to maturity.

So beautiful and easy to grow!

5 out of 5 stars Oct 13, 2020
I got compliments on my gorgeous pollinator garden all summer long. These seeds basically grew themselves and seemed to attract lots of insects too. Highly recommend!
Meg Smeltzer-Miller from VA

Not many blooms

2 out of 5 stars Jul 2, 2021
Haven't seen many blooms
Marie from NJ
Owner Response: Hi Marie, Since it is just July you have a lot more blooms to look forward to. We design these mixes to bloom throughout the growing season (not all at once) and as the season progresses you will see more species mature. This is natural and what one would expect unless you aren't seeing a lot of blooms due to lack of water or because the soil is poor. Happy gardening!

Mystery Flower

4 out of 5 stars Jul 17, 2021
I honestly am enjoying the mystery of which flowers I am going to get. Although, it was difficult to know to pull a weed or if it was a flower. I have a ton of bachelor's buttons coming in, and to my surprise an equal amount of dill took. HOWEVER! I have this scary plant coming in that I am pretty sure isn't suposed to be in the pack. It has very prickly surfaced large leaves. A thick long stalk, and the flower buds (at least that is what I am hoping they are) look like bunched up large spider eggs. Please someone tell me what the heck it is!
Felicia from AK
Owner Response: Hi Felicia, Please contact our horticulturists (horticulturists@botanicalinterests.com) for help identifying plants. From the description, this doesn't sound like a plant from this mix. It is not uncommon for dormant seeds to germinate in an area that is watered and cultivated for a new planting.

Bring home the butterflies

5 out of 5 stars Aug 11, 2021
Everything continues to grow , I believe that next year i will need a camera because they will be beautiful. I cant wait. I will need another packet because I want to have a mansion for butterflies. yay!
Maggie from RI
Owner Response: YAY!!!

Sent as gift

2 out of 5 stars Sep 24, 2021
Aloha. My Sister in the Dallas area wanted to start a butterfly garden, so I sent these as a Christmas gift last year. Unfortunately, none of them came up. Your service was awesome.
Kate from HI
Owner Response: Hi Kate, Our seeds are tested regularly to ensure germination meets federal and our own standards. We are happy to help troubleshoot germination issues anytime to ensure you get great germination too! Please feel free to reach out when you encounter a question or problem.

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