Chocolate Cherry Pole Cherry Tomato Seeds


This packet yields approximately 16 plants when started inside.
4.375 out of 5 stars
(16 reviews)
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'Chocolate Cherry' tomatoes—doesn't just the name make you hungry? These 1" purplish-red, delectable tomatoes are great for snacking on and add a little sweetness to salads and pastas. The prolific vines bear seemingly endless trusses with 6–8 crack-resistant fruits that will keep you coming back for harvest after harvest.
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Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum

Days to Maturity: 70 days from transplanting

Family: Solanaceae

Native: Andes

Hardiness: Frost-sensitive annual

Plant Dimensions: Vines up to 6' or longer

Variety Information: Purplish-red, 1" round fruits in clusters of 6 to 8.

Type: Indeterminate, Cherry (Learn more)

When to Sow Outside: For mild climates only: 1 to 2 weeks after your average last frost date, and when soil temperature is at least 60°F.

When to Start Inside: RECOMMENDED. 4 to 6 weeks before transplanting. Transplant when air temperature is 45°F or warmer, usually 1 to 2 weeks after your average last frost date. Ideal soil temperature for germination is 70°–90°F.

Days to Emerge: 5–10 days

Seed Depth: ⅛"

Seed Spacing: A group of 3 seeds every 24"–36"

Row Spacing: 36"

Thinning: When 2" tall, thin to 1 every 24"–36"

Harvesting: 'Chocolate Cherry' tomatoes are at the peak of sun-ripened deliciousness when they are purplish red and have a slight give when gently squeezed.

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Chocolate Cherry Pole Cherry Tomato Seeds Reviews

16 reviews

A Tomato Lovers Cherry Tomato!

5 out of 5 stars Jul 20, 2018
These are the best! I know that everyone says that about their favorites but these really are great! 1) They're EASY to grow. Yes, I know tomatoes are fairly easy to grow anyway but really, these seem to produce right off the bat when they reach about a foot tall and keep producing from early summer to late fall (last year I was harvesting til November!). I also can have grown them in a large patio pot and they've done just as well! 2) They're a cherry but they're a good sized cherry. They grow anywhere from an inch to golf ball size and the weird thing is, they're always good no matter if you pick them a bit early. 3) They're meaty. There's still some seeds, of course, but nothing like others, these are beefy all the way through. Because of that you can often slice a few of these for a sandwich and they work great without getting soggy and add flavor. 4) Speaking of flavor, They're VERY tomato-y . If you like the actual tomato flavor WITHOUT a lot of acidic notes (the type that kind of sting your tongue), you're going to love these. 5) They're pretty to look at! The color of them is They get these lovely deep deep green to brown-ish shoulders on them that fades into a deep to lighter red at their base.. They're just neat to see in a salad next to maybe a pear or a regular red sweet cherry. Even on a margherita style flatbread or pizza or barbeque kabob! I'm sure there are more reasons to love them (even my little dog loves a little piece every now and then...and she's a picky eater!), but you really can't go wrong with these.!
Patricia Brantley from CA

Wonderful cherry Tomato!

5 out of 5 stars Jun 12, 2019
This was the first tomato to produce this year with wonderful flavor. I had 100% germination rate and no sign of disease yet with all the rain. This is a keeper!
Shelly Job from NC

Chocolate Cherry tomatoes as good as a box of candy

5 out of 5 stars Aug 21, 2019
I have been pleased with the Chocolate Cherry pole tomatoes. Their texture and flavor are excellent.
Frieda Bruck from MN

Crushed that these are out of stock!

5 out of 5 stars May 18, 2020
After running out of seed and losing the seed packet, I've been looking for these for some years now. Finally, I found them here to see that they're out of stock and I'm absolutely crushed. These are some of the best tasting cherry tomatoes, and tomatoes overall in flavor. Kids who don't generally like tomatoes often like these too. They are easy to grow although indeterminate, we don't trim them and haven't always staked them. They are very vigorous. Please let me know when they are back in stock. Thank you!
Jane Klingsten from MI

Wonderful Flavor

5 out of 5 stars Aug 11, 2020
I've been looking for a very flavorful cherry tomato for several years. These are a keeper! I've tried pear shaped ones & other different cherry tomatoes, but none of them taste like these. I tend to pick them when they still have a little green on the top, but they taste great. I found out on a gardening website I'm suppose to pick them when they are brown/red. I guess we like them too much to wait. They're little gems with a lot of flavor.
Doreen from OH
Owner Response: Hi Doreen, You can pick them when they are half colored and ripen them indoors with no impact to the flavor too. Enjoy!

Favorite Cherry Tomato

5 out of 5 stars Aug 14, 2020
This is the first chocolate cherry tomato seeds I've tried and they are great. They germinated well, are vigorous healthy plants and the tomatoes taste great. They've grown to 6 feet already and it's mid-August. This isn't a heavy producer, but it yields a decent amount of tomatoes. Very sweet tomato with a little acidic hint put them in the "this is a keeper & will be in the garden every year". I usually pick them when there's still a little green around the top part & they taste really good/ripe.
Doreen from OH

grew well, unusual flavor

3 out of 5 stars Sep 21, 2020
These grew really well in my area, but the flavor was unusual, not the typical red-tomato flavor. It was a little tricky to tell when they were ripe so sometimes they were tart with a little sweetness at the end, sometimes more mild with that same sweetness at the end. Not a bad flavor, just unfamiliar to me. I'd be willing to grow these again.
Rebecca from OR
Owner Response: Hi Rebecca, Chocolate Cherry' tomatoes are at the peak of deliciousness when they are purplish red, and have a slight give when gently squeezed. you can find tips like this in your seed packed or under the "Growing Info" tab on the product page. We hope that helps. Happy gardening!


5 out of 5 stars Sep 27, 2020
Very delicious! Wasn't a big producer for me, but the taste and texture were amazing.
Inna from CO


5 out of 5 stars Oct 28, 2020
Very delicious tomatoes!
Claudio Bonesini from NJ

Poor germination and growth

1 out of 5 stars Apr 30, 2021
This is my first time ordering from this site. The chocolate cherry tomatoes didn't germinate in my first round, so I tried again. The second time I had a couple germinate but the seedlings are still super tiny, and it's been almost two months, whereas the old seeds I had saved of other varieties from years before are already in the pots and are flowering.
Jeanine from CA
Owner Response: Dear Janine, we are sorry to hear you had poor germination with our seed. Quality is important to us! This is why we test our seed lots often to ensure germination rates exceed federal standards. We happily guarantee our seed and will have a customer service representative contacting you shortly with assistance.

Great tasting cherry tomatoes

5 out of 5 stars Sep 24, 2021
I planted the chocolate cherry tomatoes in pots and then transferred them outside in a raised bed. An unexpected record freeze happened on Feb 15 and I dug up the plants and put them in pots and kept them inside for about a week until the weather back to normal. The plants grew vigorously and produced the best tasting tomatoes that I have grown in the hot weather and clay soil conditions in Houston. The plants were disease free and were heave producers. These are 5 star tomato plants.
Daniel from TX

Chocolate Cherry Pole Tomato

2 out of 5 stars Oct 21, 2021
I was disappointed in this tomato. The fruits were very dark and never ripened, even though the plant seemed very healthy. It did not grow very tall.
margaret from CO
Owner Response: Hi Margaret, Thank you for taking the time to respond. 'Chocolate Cherry' tomatoes are at the peak of sun-ripened deliciousness when they are purplish-red and have a slight give when gently squeezed. You can find harvest information for all of our varieties in the seed packet on the product webpage under the growing info tab. We are sorry you didn't like this cultivar.

late but great cherry tomato

5 out of 5 stars Nov 12, 2021
This was my first season growing these in my garden just outside Flagstaff AZ. I started them indoors, same time as my other tomato varieties, and moved them to a (passive solar) greenhouse for the last month or so before planting out. The plants were quite vigorous and flourished in the garden - but I was initially quite disappointed at their tardiness in beginning to set fruit. While other varieties were pumping out young tomatoes, these were producing relatively few flowers and zero fruits. However, in late summer, they suddenly starting setting large numbers of fruit - and kept going right up through our first (late) frost. The flavor seems more reminiscent of wine to me than chocolate - but it is very sweet and distinctive. Even at our first hard freeze, I was able to clip and bring inside many green fruits on the branched stems - and I'm still enjoying fresh ripe tomatoes in salads at this point in mid-November! I will definitely grow these again - they were worth the wait.
Laura from AZ

Great Producer

5 out of 5 stars Nov 30, 2021
Great producer and quality vines.
Teresa from MA

Delicious tomatoes, not very prolific

4 out of 5 stars Aug 18, 2022
I started these seeds in February and started harvesting tomatoes late May. Good germination and transplanted well. I had 2 plants, 1 in a pot and the other in a raised bed. The plant in the raised bed did significantly better than the one in the pot. It grew at least 6 feet if not more. Produced delicious and beautiful fruits.
Lyndsey from TX

So yummy and prolific

5 out of 5 stars Feb 6, 2023
I love these tomatoes! They are so delicious and prolific. And the color is gorgeous, too!
Alex from NH

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