Common Chives Seeds

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Chives are super easy to grow, require little maintenance, tolerate drought, and come back year after year. Edible flowers are loved by bees, make a tasty chive vinegar, look and taste great in salads, and dry well for arrangements; foliage and/or flowers add a subtle onion flavor to many dishes. Great for containers; grow indoors for year-round harvest.

Botanical Name: Allium schoenoprasum

Family: Alliaceae

Native: Europe, Asia, North America

Hardiness: Hardy perennial in USDA zones 4–8

Plant Dimensions: 12" tall, 8"–10" wide

Variety Information: Bright green, slender, hollow leaves with a mild onion flavor; pinkish-purple pom-pom flowers appear in late spring to early summer. If there were an award for "easiest herb to grow", chives would win, hands down. Once you plant chives in your garden, chances are you'll always have them. They can be easily dug up and divided if the clump gets too large. In mild climates, plants are nearly evergreen.

Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Attributes: Drought Tolerant, Good for Containers, Attracts Pollinators, Deer Resistant

When to Sow Outside: 4 to 6 weeks before your average last frost date, when soil temperature is at least 45°F, ideally 60°–70°F; or as late as 2 months before your average first fall frost date.

When to Start Inside: 6 to 8 weeks before your average last frost date.

Days to Emerge: 10–15 days

Seed Depth: ¼"

Seed Spacing: A group of 10 seeds every 8"

Row Spacing: 8"

Thinning: Not required

Harvesting: FOLIAGE: Cut outer spears of chives when at least 6" long, and cut back to 2" above ground level. Once or twice a season, shear plants to 2" above ground. This will keep new, tender foliage available. FLOWERS: Harvest for dried floral arrangements and meals when in full bloom.

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Common Chives Seeds Reviews

7 reviews

Super Easy

5 out of 5 stars Sep 10, 2020
I have begun growing an herb garden on a cart that i got from ikea. I put these chive seeds in a small pot and within 4-5 days they sprouted. They are growing very quickly and i am so happy with them! I have begun growing more in other pots to give to my friends.
Hayley from TX

Easy to Grow

5 out of 5 stars Sep 28, 2020
These chives were easy to grow, and very forgiving. Great for a beginner gardener. The cut and come again method kept me in chives all Summer and into Fall.
Kate Isdell from UT

Common Chives Seeds

2 out of 5 stars Oct 1, 2020
This was my first time planting chives from seeds, I usually purchase seedlings, locally. Seeds were sown after danger of frost and raised bed soil temperature was above 70 degrees F. Very slow to grow. Not nearly as lush as planting seedlings. Next Spring I will either start seeds indoors or plant seedlings.
JoAnn Johnon from SC

Beautiful Chives

5 out of 5 stars Dec 19, 2020
These chives have been a joy to grow, was able to harvest plenty for cooking only a few months after germinating. They grew quickly and robustly. Very happy with the results!
E Gladstone from TX

Didn't germinate

2 out of 5 stars May 26, 2021
These just did not want to germinate. I've tried 3 sowings, starting in March. I only have two tiny delicate sprouts growing, one from the second sowing and one from the third. I'll probably just buy some chives to plant since I doubt these will establish well enough to live through the winter at this pace.
Laura from IL
Owner Response: Dear Laura, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Quality is important to us! We are sorry to hear you experienced poor germination with our seed. A customer service representative will contact you shortly with assistance.


2 out of 5 stars Aug 2, 2021
These came up and have lived into the following year. Pretty spindly and have never looked healthy. I have given them fish emulsion, but have never bloomed or gotten stronger. Maybe not just good for my area? Your packets are not really clear on where these things can really be grown.
Debby from TX
Owner Response: Hi Debbie, Chives can be grown in your area. but will do best with some afternoon shade to protect them from the Texas high heat. You've reported a few issues after germination in reviews today, perhaps a soil test could help? We are always happy to help you troubleshoot too--just shoot us an email. We sell seeds nationwide and concentrate on offering varieties that perform well for home gardeners in all of those climates with a few exceptions which will indicate something in the description like "grows best in cool weather" or "heat tolerant". I hope that helps. Happy gardening!

Mixed feelings, could be attributed to user error

3 out of 5 stars Aug 11, 2022
I bought these with the intention of growing them in my first garden. When I planted them, I followed the instructions and planted about 10 seeds every 8 - 10 inches. I was disappointed, out of the 6 patches that I planted, only one survived and grew. The rest barely sprouted or didn't even sprout at all. I will be trying them again for 2023 growing season, because I recognize as a new gardener, it may have been user error.
Amanda from FL
Owner Response: Hi Amanda, Thank you for choosing Botanical Interests to be apart of your gardening journey! Rest assured, we regularly test our seeds through a third-party laboratory to ensure high germination rates. We are always happy to troubleshoot issues like this --- just shoot us an email! Our horticulturist will be reaching out soon to offer support.

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