Long Standing Santo Cilantro/Coriander Seeds

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Also called Chinese parsley, cilantro has a thousand uses in the kitchen. 'Long Standing Santo' in particular has excellent flavor, improved leafiness and, as the name infers, it is slow to bolt. Add a sprig to chicken soup or add chopped leaves to Mexican, Caribbean, or Asian dishes. The crushed seeds add intriguing flavor to stews, beans, and cookies. Can be grown indoors for fresh cilantro leaves year-round. Cilantro grows best in cool temperatures.
  • Organic Heirloom Large Packet #7751 - 12 grams (~740 seeds)
    This packet sows up to 123 feet.
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Botanical Name: Coriandrum sativum

Family: Apiaceae

Native: Mediterranean region

Hardiness: Annual

Plant Dimensions: 12"–24" tall, 6"–12" wide

Variety Information: 'Long Standing Santo' has excellent flavor, improved leafiness and when hot weather arrives, is slower to bolt (prematurely go to seed) than other varieties.

Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Attributes: Good for Containers, Attracts Beneficial Insects

When to Sow Outside: RECOMMENDED. 1 to 2 weeks before your average last frost date, and when soil temperature is 55°–68°F. Successive Sowings: Every 3 weeks until 4 weeks before your average first fall frost date. In mid climates, best sown in fall for winter harvest.

When to Start Inside: Not recommended; transplant stress may cause bolting (premature flowering).

Days to Emerge: 10–15 days

Seed Depth: ½"

Seed Spacing: A group of 3 seeds every 6"

Row Spacing: 8"

Thinning: Not required

Harvesting: Foliage flavor is best before the leaves turn feathery and plants begin to flower. Seeds should be harvested after they begin to turn brown and when the outer coat cracks, but before they drop off the plant and scatter. Cut stem and place in a brown paper sack to collect the seeds. Rubbing the seeds will cause the outer shell to drop off.

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Long Standing Santo Cilantro/Coriander Seeds Reviews

4 reviews

0 germination

1 out of 5 stars Sep 23, 2020
0 germination, planted in several locations.
Karen Schultz from CO
Owner Response: Thank you for sharing your experience. We are sorry you didn't have good germination with this product. Rest assured our seeds are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure germination rates exceed federal and our own standards for germination because quality is very important to us. Please know we are always here to help troubleshoot issues so you can grow your best garden ever. A customer service agent will be contacting you to help.

Easy to grow, quick to yield

5 out of 5 stars Feb 12, 2021
Great germination rates, was the first herb to produce
maya from VA


3 out of 5 stars Oct 15, 2021
First planting from the 2021 packet was okay, maybe a 70-80% germination rate in my organic aero garden, big beautiful tall fragrant cilantro. I have since planted 4 seperate times (starting 3-4 wks after my first planting) and not one has grown, the seeds just rot. Everything else I have planted grows wonderfully, so my only conclusion is the seeds are (already) no longer viable.
Julie from NC
Owner Response: Hi Julie, Unless your seeds were out of date this shouldn't be the case. We test our seeds frequently to ensure the germination rate meets federal and our own standards. A customers service agent will be reaching out to you by email to help.

Good Seeds

5 out of 5 stars May 25, 2022
I have so much cilantro growing right now thanks to these seeds!
Elizabeth from PA

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