Decorate for Fall with Dried Corn

Homegrown decorative corn comes in a variety of rich colors that make an eye-catching fall decoration when dried. It looks great alongside pumpkins in a fall centerpiece or display. You can store the dried corn for use as a decoration year after year or grind the beautiful kernels into flour.

corn decor

Corn to Dry

  • Glass Gem Flint Corn makes great popcorn after dazzling a fall display with┬ámulti-colored, kaleidoscopic kernels.
  • Strawberry popcorn dresses up a fall centerpiece with petite strawberry-shaped ruby red ears.
  • Striped Japonica Ornamental Corn┬á produces dark burgundy kernels that can be dried and saved for autumn displays or ground into a richly colored cornmeal.

How to Dry Corn

  1. Let the ears dry on the stalks. They are ready for harvest when the kernels are hard and you can no longer leave a mark on them with your fingernail.
  2. Before the first fall frost, give each ear a twist until it breaks off.
  3. Peel back the husks, then hang the ears in a cool, dark, place for 4-6 weeks to cure. This is important to prevent mold.
  4. To strip of cured kernels, twist the cobs back and forth to loosen them (gloves are recommended).

Decorating Tips

  • Take two or three ears of dried corn with husks still attached, and tie them together with twine where the ear meets the husk. Leave extra twine to tie a loop for hanging, or to tie to a doorknocker. You can also add a decorative bow by tying around the ears just like you would tie your shoes.
  • Dried corn looks great with pumpkins and gourds. You can put them together in a basket or scatter all three on a mantel or as tablescape.

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