Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter

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Homegrown sprouts are always fresh and delicious-and a fraction of the grocery store price! We designed our BPA-free sprouter to work better than the rest. Our larger trays and unique removable tray dividers give you lots of options. The trays are 7 ½" wide allowing for bigger batches of sprouts, and if using the tray dividers, you can grow up to four smaller batches. Our sprouter is also great for storing your sprouts in the refrigerator, too. Just cover with the lid and keep cool. Repeated rinsing will keep your sprouts fresh, crunchy, and delicious. Manufactured locally in Longmont, Colorado.

Hand-wash only.

BPA-free Sprouter dimensions: 6"H, 7.5" W, 7"D

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BPA-free Sprouter includes:

  • 2 stackable growing trays
  • 2 tray dividers
  • 1 water diffusing lid
  • 1 water-catching base
  • Instruction booklet with recipes
$33.50 507 grams
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Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter Reviews

3 reviews

Seed sprouter

2 out of 5 stars Jun 17, 2021
I waited to get this until the new item came out. I'm not at all happy with it and had used an old sprouter for some 10 years before. I'm starting to use a jar and lid that a neighbor got for me. It's sets unevenly and distributes the water unevenly. I WILL CONTINUE TO USE YOUR SPROUTING SEEDS WHICH I LOVE.
Una Marie from CA

Love our Sprout Grower!

5 out of 5 stars Dec 11, 2021
We bought this as a small Euro-style Specialty Food/Grocer store in Chelan WA and love this. Easy to grow; compartment dividers, grows fast and can fit in the refrigerator when done growing and ready to eat for days. Large enough for a week's worth of fresh micro-greens. Highly recommend.
Julie from WA

Seed Sprouter

1 out of 5 stars Jan 20, 2022
I have tried several different seeds in this sprouter.. They don't sprout well. When watering through the diffuser, the seeds don't stay in place. Great concept, just does not work. I have other sprouters that work much better. I love Botanical Interest sprouts and microgreens
Kathleen from CA
Owner Response: Hi Kathleen, We are sorry you didn't like the sprouter. It isn't necessary for seeds to stay in place to sprouts, so no need to worry if they shift around. Happy sprouting!

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