Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter

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Homegrown sprouts are always fresh and delicious-and a fraction of the grocery store price! We designed our sprouter to work better than the rest. Our larger trays and unique removable tray dividers give you lots of options. Our larger trays are 7 ½" wide and allow for bigger batches of sprouts, and the unique removable tray dividers can grow up to four smaller batches. Our sprouter is also great for storing your sprouts in the refrigerator, too. Just cover with the lid and keep cool. Repeated rinsing will keep your sprouts fresh, crunchy, and delicious.

Sprouter dimensions: 6"H, 7.5" W, 7"D

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Sprouter includes:

  • 2 stackable growing trays
  • 2 tray dividers
  • 1 water diffusing lid
  • 1 drain base
  • Instruction booklet with recipes
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Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter Reviews

9 reviews
Awesome Product
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 21, 2018
This sprouter is awesome, it true is easy to use. Recommend keeping it in a area you frequent cause sprouts grow crazy fast. Thank you BI. You all rock. I plan on getting on for my father and his wife. And for one person this 2 trays would be enough to enjoy a serving of greens once a day, mattering on what you are growing. I love it
Chase Ebel

Healthy & Fresh
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 27, 2019
I've tried sprouting seeds in a glass mason jar fitted with sprouting lids. I've had mixed results. The seed sprouter gives me consistent, well-formed sprouts in a few days. It is worth the money as it is designed specifically for its purpose.

Seed Sprouter
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 8, 2019
I just bought the Botanical Interests seed sprouted yesterday and began using it today, so cannot comment on how well seeds sprout in it, with less chance of rotting. However, I love the design and it seems that it will work much better than the jar with screen lid method, which is what I had always used in the past. I am wondering, though, whether or not the plastic trays are BPA free; there is no mention on the packaging or that I can find at the BI website.
Lori Anton
Owner Response: Hi Lori, Thanks for the review. At the time of the design of the sprouter, we were unable to source a clear plastic to be used in this design that was BPA free. However, since BPA doesn't leach unless a product is heated it should not be an issue. We are looking at different possibilities for the future. Thanks!

So Efficient.!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jun 19, 2019
This sprouted's features optimize successful sprout growing. It looks nice on my counter (near the sink), it's easy to keep clean (top rack dishwasher safe) and can handle multiple varieties of sprouts at once. Great product.
Paula Cuccia

Not that easy
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jul 31, 2019
I purchased this after getting swept up in the idea of getting to have fresh sprouts always available - sounded so simple..... but I didn't realize that the seeds would need to be sterilized (if you want to avoid contaminants), the process then requires you to rinse the sprout seeds several times a day, so keeping it near the kitchen sink (and in the way of other work) was best, and then I found that you really couldn't store the sprouts in the container in the fridge, as the sprouts continue to grow their roots down through the drain holes and they are difficult to remove. The instructions recommend pouring an entire seed packet into the sections all at one time, but that is really a lot of seeds used and makes a tremendous amount of sprouts - and is a huge cost too. I think I spent around $75 getting the seeds and sprouter, and used it for about 3 crops, then became frustrated with the system. I later used some of the seeds outdoor for baby greens, and those were great, but I was pretty disappointed in the sprout system and the fact that at any time you could be subjecting yourself to contaminants if you didn't properly sterilize the sprouter and seeds for each use - that's a lot of extra tasks to add to an already busy schedule. For anyone interested in purchasing, you will want to search the website for the instructions for using the sprouter and sterilizing the seeds, and see if this process is something you are willing to take on before you invest too much in this system. Basically, the sprouter is really overpriced for what it is.
Barbara Carroll
Owner Response: Thank you for your feedback. Even though we do test our seeds for common pathogens like E. coli and Staphococcus aureus ("staph"), we include further sanitation instructions in case customers want to take that extra, optional step. Sprouts do need daily rinsing to provide ideal conditions for seeds to sprout and continue growing without drying out. A few of our seed packets, specifically some of the beans because they are larger, you could use the whole packet, however, most varieties just require 1-2 tablespoons of seeds. If you harvest the beans a little sooner, you'll be able to avoid the roots getting stuck in the tray, too. Scrubbing the tray with a soft brush helps remove any leftover roots that grow through the cracks. Our customer service department and horticulturist are always available to help and in the "Learn More" tab on this product page and the sprout seeds' product pages have some articles that may be helpful. We hope you will give it another try!

Poor Fit
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 15, 2020
I was very excited to purchase the Botanical Interests seed sprouting kit as I have been buying sprouts for years and wanted more variety and less waste. While the seeds sprout just fine, I'm very very disappointed in the way the trays stack and the dividers fit. First, the trays continually fall into each other as the lips of the top of each tray is too small and the bottom of each tray is too round. While you are rinsing the seeds one or two edges fall into the tray below. This is true of the top water diverter tray as well. Next, the dividers also fit poorly and don't seal each side of the tray. Between the loose fitting of the trays and the loose fitting of the dividers I am constantly fixing and repositioning the trays especially when rinsing or using two tyrays at a time. I won't say it's a total bust but I am looking for another option and do not recommend this tray system
Owner Response: Dear Raymond, We apologize the parts of the Sprouter were difficult to damage. Our quality control team is looking into the issue. Thank you for taking the time to spare your experience.

Sprouts are a great winter project
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 28, 2020
We bought this for my granddaughter who lives in an apartment in the Midwest. She so misses the short growing season, so we bought these to fill that need. Sprouts are clean and safe and oh so delicious. I'll order for me this winter!

Love this Seed Sprouter
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Aug 17, 2020
I have had this piece for 3-4 years now and use it regularly. It not only works great, it is obviously durable. I read where the ones for 12 dollars crack easily. I grow sprouts consistently, for salads, put on burgers, so many uses! My only wish is that they made trays that you could purchase extra. I keep the top off after a few days so they turn green, that is how I like them. I have absolutely no problems fitting the layers at all, the dividers I really do not use. I am going to purchase another one of these and use them for more layers AND to soak more overnight yahoo more sprouts! When the lettuce from my garden is in baby stage or growing low, I completely love a sprout only salad with olives, feta and olive oil. This is worth the price as it does not crack and I can attest to that as I use it every day for going on 4 years.
France Guay

Excellent sprouted!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 12, 2021
Love this sprouting set up so much it was my Early Pandemic go to gift. It's very easy to use and paired with Botanical Interest sprouting seeds, the results are fantastic, crunchy & delicious, every time.

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