Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter

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Homegrown sprouts are always fresh and delicious-and a fraction of the grocery store price! We designed our sprouter to work better than the rest. Our larger trays and unique removable tray dividers give you lots of options. Our larger trays are 7 ½" wide and allow for bigger batches of sprouts, and the unique removable tray dividers and grow up to four smaller batches. Our sprouter is also great for storing your sprouts in the refrigerator, too. Just cover with the lid and keep cool. Repeated rinsing will keep your sprouts fresh, crunchy, and delicious.

Sprouter dimensions: 6"H, 7.5" W, 7"D

Sprouter includes:

  • 2 stackable growing trays
  • 2 tray dividers
  • 1 water diffusing lid
  • 1 drain base
  • Instruction booklet with recipes
$24.95 507 grams
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Botanical Interests Seed Sprouter Reviews

2 reviews
Awesome Product
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 21, 2018
This sprouter is awesome, it true is easy to use. Recommend keeping it in a area you frequent cause sprouts grow crazy fast. Thank you BI. You all rock. I plan on getting on for my father and his wife. And for one person this 2 trays would be enough to enjoy a serving of greens once a day, mattering on what you are growing. I love it
Chase Ebel

Healthy & Fresh
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 27, 2019
I've tried sprouting seeds in a glass mason jar fitted with sprouting lids. I've had mixed results. The seed sprouter gives me consistent, well-formed sprouts in a few days. It is worth the money as it is designed specifically for its purpose.

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