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Florist Cutting Flowers Collection

Florist Cutting Flowers Collection


The Florist Cutting Flowers Collection provides endless blooms for fresh flowers all growing season. The rainbow of colors along with diverse shapes and textures will peak the creative florist in any gardener!

Includes the following:

(A) Amaranth Love-Lies-Bleeding Coral Fountain
(A) Ammi Dara
(A) Aster, China Aster Blend
(P) Celosia Pampas Plume Blend
(P) Craspedia Drumstick Flower
(P) Dahlia Decorative Double Blend
(A) Orlaya White Lace
(A) Sunflower Goldy Honey Bear
(A) Zinnia Cut and Come Again

A=Annual P=Perennial Pt=Tender Perennial

*Please note that substitutions may apply.

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